Top 10 Best Link Building Examples For White Hat SEO

Top 10 Best Link Building Examples For White Hat SEO

You may have a mind-blowing website, but are you getting enough traffic? That’s the reason you are reading this blog. Once you know the best link building examples, you will be at the top. A perfect white hat SEO, especially link building, will benefit you greatly.

SEO modifies Search Engine Optimization. But your SEO tasks need enough planning and strategies. Without proper SEO practices, your website will fail. Besides, you have to do your SEO activities properly so that search engines like Google don’t kick you out!


What Is SEO Backlink?

In short, SEO link building for new website is one of the effective practices to take your website up on the search results pages. In modern SEO, we can’t avoid the significance of building high-quality links. When someone puts their site’s link on another website,  it is called a backlink. So you have a bunch of link building opportunities.

According to Google and SEO experts, SEO link building is a prominent ranking factor. Therefore, you have to perform this practice for a better working website. Building random links will not be beneficial for you. Boosting your SEO performance with link building will be effective.!


What Do White Hat link building examples For SEO Mean?

SEO is all about performing activities that will enrich your website on a large scale. As I explored before, you have to be very careful regarding the fact. But why? Let me dig deeper.

There are two forms of SEO practices; White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. White is something we regard as fair. But, we have concerns about some specific black objects in the opposite direction. Well, I’m not talking about the latest trendy cars that just arrived at the market.


White Hat SEO VS Black Hat SEO

To simply put, white hat SEO is generally formed with practices that never go beyond search engine’s rules and stuff. An SEO expert doesn't do anything awkward that causes a website to be penalised. This is because the link building method here will be so fruitful.

On the other side of the bridge, black hat SEO is not a great practice. You may get some values at the initial stages but, as time goes, it will cause a lot of harm to you! But, as we are talking about the practices of white hat SEO, whatever we learn will be fair. You need to use an SEO checker to improve your site.

Some black hat SEO examples are;

  • Keyword Stuffing.
  • Duplicate Content.
  • Links from the inappropriate site.
  • Page Swapping and so many other harmful practices.


So, the better solution for you is to start a link building campaign of white hat SEO performance. Here, you will learn the proper method to generate a lot of backlinks, maintaining Google’s guidelines.


 Best Link Building Examples For White Hat SEO

1.     Guest Posting

A guest is a well-known term for you. So when we intend to talk about guests regarding SEO, it has to make sense anyhow. Guest blogging means creating a blog post on others’ websites. The purpose is to gain quality backlinks—all the search engines, including Google, like it.

A quote by Mitch Monsen was found in the Search Engine Journal.

I have seen many people online who seem frustrated about high-quality traffic to their websites. However, you need website traffic to make the most out of your business. It will be done massively with the help of guest posting.

But when you published a guest post on your site. You must check the content to optimise SEO. This content is SEO friendly or not. You can do that to make a good impression on your audience.

You should know your niche correctly. Then, try to find out the relevant sites that allow guest blogging. Use these search terms;


  • Keyword + “guest blog.”
  • Keyword + “become a guest blogger.”
  • Keyword + “write for us.”
  • Keyword + “contribute to our blog.”


Things to Consider:

  • Relevancy.
  • Site authority.
  • Backlinks quality.
  • Social media performance.
  • Link publishing opportunities.
  • Guidelines.
  • Follow other guest bloggers.
  • Write engaging content.


There are many spammy guest blogging sites available on the internet. You have to be very careful regarding those. Don’t hurry! You should grab the opportunity to gain lots of valuable traffic. Also , you can try guest blogging platforms to find out high quality guest posting sites.


2. Visual Content

If you like data, you may also like visual content. You can run your SEO link-building campaign smoothly by creating engaging visual content. Examples include;


There are many visual content submission platforms available for you. Make sure to present the content easiest. Most visual content submission sites are highly authorised, so you have a higher possibility of gaining better backlinks.

 For example, let’s say you want to make an infographic about the social media users online. Once you have enough data, you can get started. You will be able to create unique infographics using Canva.

After preparing your infographic, search for the relevant site for submission. People do share infographics a lot. So that’s another potential link building example. You should try to include as much data as possible to make the infographics more effective.

I suggest you not steal an infographic from a website. It will be so beneficial if you make it on your own. You can submit these infographics to many image submission sites. Usually, the links you will get from those sites will be precious.

3. Forum Submission

Forum posting is often considered an “old days” practice. But, the concept of totally wrong. You can have a good engagement on the forum sites with your audience. Interaction with your potential audience online always values your SEO campaign.

You will have that access to creating high-quality backlinks from those forum sites. But don’t try to establish the links randomly. Modern forum posting sites are very advanced. They will kick you out of the forum sites, and you will get the message “banned.”

I have seen many SEO professionals giving enough emphasis on forum posting activities. Even a single link from a reputed forum can boost your SEO.

Ways to find forum submission sites of your niche;


  •  KEYWORDS  "powered by smf " site:/forum
  • KEYWORDS "powered by phpbb " inurl:/community
  •  "powered by smf"
  •  KEYWORDS "powered by vbulletin" inurl:/community
  •  KEYWORDS "powered by phpbb " inurl:/forum





Besides, there are many websites to find authorized forum sites for link building. You should focus on better interaction with the rest of the members.

4. Social Networking

Do you use social media? I know it is a funny question to ask only you but also 4.62 billion people worldwide. People have a lot on social media platforms to interact. This is another opportunity for you. You will be able to gain quality backlinks with social networking.

Google takes the factor so seriously. Google counts these correctly if people talk about your business (meaning website) on social media sites. So, it will be a significant decision to get active on social media. Know where your actual audience exists.

If you can make meaningful ad quality content, people will share your links. You will have better engagement too. It will be a decent way of building valuable links. The top social media sites are;


  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  •  LinkedIn.
  • Twitter.
  • Tumbler.
  • Google+
  •  Youtube.
  • Qzone.
  • Scoop. it.


You will surely get a bunch of these websites out there online for better performance regarding SEO. Brand awareness is another crucial thing. Social media sites can ensure brand awareness for you.

5. Broken Link Building Strategies

Don’t neglect this section if you desire to get valuable backlinks for your website. Broken link building is one of the most underrated practices. But we want you to make things happen with this. The practice is straightforward to perform.

You have to find some dead links and work on that. You need to carefully replace the dead links with other links pointing towards your website. Make sure the dead links come from the highly-valued website. The content must be similar to one another.

Finding broken links won’t be a difficult task for you. There are many free broken link checkers available to complete the job. For example, suppose you are a marketer who has enough headaches while making link-building content. Then, broken link-building strategies will be appropriate for you. However, if this task is too difficult for you, you can always reach out to trusted digital marketing companies in Bangalore that can take care of this.

6. Competitor Backlink Analysis

This is a fair practice. You have access to generate link-building ideas from your competitors. Sites similar to yours may create quality links to rank higher on the search result pages. You can follow those backlinks so that you can make them for yourself as well.

There are many backlinks analytics tools out there, so you can use these. You will have a complete idea about how your competitors perform with these links. SEMrush will be one of the tools for you to access your competitor’s valuable links.



Just put the website you want to track on the box. The following steps will be more manageable as well. I know marketers nowadays are very busy. This type of link building practice will value your time for you. Also you can outsource tasks to others for competitors backlinks.

If you aren’t doing the practice seriously, it’s your turn to start your journey. How can someone deny one of the most extensive opportunities of creating quality backlinks?

7. Blog Commenting

This is not like randomly posting on social media sites. Blog commenting for SEO is one level up. A marketer has to do the task correctly to achieve great backlinks. Creating interaction is key to success regarding blog commenting.

The steps would be;


  •  Find good blog commenting sites for your niche.
  • Try to make engagement with the bloggers.
  •  Post precious content regularly.
  • Put your site’s link, name, and email address.
  • Make sure your comment length is much longer.
  •  Do not spam anytime.




Though some people are confused about the impacts of blog commenting, what matters is doing the job properly takes much time. I suggest you not present your comment in spammy ways. Try to make the blog commenting campaign as natural as possible.

Some people use fake email addresses to perform blog commenting. Don’t do that. Otherwise, it will not be the best link building examples.


8. Blogging

If you have bare enough content in your hand, you will generate many backlinks. Blogging is one of the most accessible mediums to create expected backlinks. You have to make value by solving people’s queries through your blog.

Among the best ranking factors, blogging is one of them. It might assist you in the long run. You have to write compelling blog posts according to your niche. Marketers sound the globe prefer blogging still the best way to rank higher at the search result’s pages.

Let's have a close look here. Blogging, according to HubSpot.




Once you start to get values from your mind-blowing blog post, they will most possibly share your position online. Sharing content creates the opportunity to gain valuable backlinks. People will also link back to you with the help of a good blogging campaign.

There is always massive competition on blogging. So, you should go forward in a way so that your blogs can perform better. But, it may take time for most occasions. Well, you have to wait for the reward.

Things to Consider:

  • Know your niche correctly.
  •  Do enough keyword research.
  •  Make relevant and engaging content.
  •  Share on social media sites.


9. Resource Link building

It may seem something new for many people. But, you have to take it very carefully. With the help of the resource link-building method, you will create thousands of essential backlinks. There are many sites out there that make content like your niche.


You need to collect those blogs and post them on your website with a compelling list. Don’t just copy and paste those on your websites. Hence, make a list, such as “30 best online marketing blogs list,” and include those links on your website.


You have to gain backlinks by email outreach. Then it's time to send emails to the email of those sites’ authorities to include their links to your website. There is a high percentage of the possibility that those sites will link back to you.

Ensure you communicate with the sites’ authorities properly to get their attention. I often see many marketers around my circle feel delighted once they gain great through this medium. Hence, this is practice is one of the link building examples.

10. Business Directory Submission

If you are running a local business, this will provide you with many benefits. First, you will build many effective backlinks with business directory submission.  The links that you get from here impact your SEO performance.

I wonder why people focus a lot on black hat SEO. They probably build backlinks with the most straightforward methods like business directory submission. You have to keep your focus on the below factors;

  • Find directory submission sites best match your niche.
  • Put your business information properly.
  • Include valuable links from your website.
  • Track your directory performance in regular intervals.


The top popular business directory sites include; Google My Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. There are many types of directory submission websites available. Hence,  You should pick based on your circumstances. I suggest you choose the directory sites that provide you with do-follow links.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are backlinks important in 2022?

A: Yes. Backlinks are still very effective today. Moreover, the backlink is the most important ranking factor. You will get the reward by link-building to perform the job prominently. If you own or access a website and want it to rank higher, you should build many backlinks.


Q: Why should I avoid back hat SEO practice?

A: I think you don’t want to harm your website. It takes time to build a reputed website. The search engine may knock you out if you go through the black hat SEO practices. This means search engines like Google will regard your site as a spammy site. You may see unwanted penalties.


Q: What is the actual value of guest posting?

A: To make the story short, it’s massive. Renowned marketers are still performing guest posting as their main link-building activity. Guest blogging will ensure quality backlinks that will help your website. You should never miss the opportunity of guest posting.


Q: What is link-building content?

A: Any types of content that help you build effective links are link-building content. It may be a simple blog post, an infographic, a comment, etc. As a marketer, you should emphasize these practices to perform better on search engines. Ensure you are making perfect content.


Final Words

We have been discussing the best link building examples, so far. Do these sound great? At least, I hope so. However, there are no ultimate ways of building links if you avoid these. You will be at the top once you get a smoother link-building flow with a white hat technique top.

SEO is a long journey where you have to wait patiently to see changes happen. It's not like you perform the above examples and start getting the reward from day one. These are all about making the best strategies.

From experiencing SEO over the past few years, these ten link-building methods give much value. So, if you badly want to boost your SEO can go with these link-building methods. However, don't hesitate to ask if you have any confusion.


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