Qtc calculator


QTC calculator

It is important for every human being to keep an eye on how his heart is performing. High standard technological tools are used to check various cardiac processes so that the patient stays in a healthy state and unwanted hazards are avoided. The QTC calculator is one of these tools.

What is QTC?

Before getting into the usage of this high quality QTC calculator, let us go through some basic concepts involved here. This tool is used to measure the correct QT interval. What is the QT interval? This is the time span between beginning of the Q wave and ending of the T wave. These two waves are connected to determination of heart rate. Irregularly heart rate can result in cardiac arrest as well. Here is the formula used to determine QTC.

  • The formula used to determine QTC is called Bazetts formula. It is given as follows.

QTc = QT / √RR

In the above formula, certain terms are used which have the following interpretations.

  • QTc refers to the rectified QT interval
  • QT is the time span between the start of a Q wave and ending of a T wave
  • RR is the span between two R waves.


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