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To use this paraphrasing tool, please copy and paste text in the input box below or select a file to upload, and then click on the Paraphrase button.


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AI Based Paraphrasing Tool

Our online paraphrasing tool rephrases the given content by using top-notch AI technology.It changes specific words with their accurate synonyms to make content unique and plagiarism free.
Softo's paraphrase tool uses synonyms and sentence change techniques to reword the input work.
This word changer rewrites texts and suggests the best substitutes for all the words and phrases it scans to replace with its vast library of synonyms. 

What is an online Paraphrasing tool?

The online paraphrasing tool is an effective rewording tool that can paraphrase the original content by replacing the words in the content with alternate synonyms.

It perfectly suits the content and alters the sentence structure to make it free from plagiarism and other copyright issues.

An Online Paraphraser is used for paraphrase copied or plagiarized content into different words and writing styles. 

However, it would help to remember that the central concept or the theme should remain the same when rewriting a sentence.

How to use our online Paraphrase tool free?

This online Rephrase tool is easy to use and designed to get the best and most friendly user-based experience.

To understand the use of this tool, follow the following step;

  1. You need to paste the article/blog/assignment or anything you want to rephrase in the input box of this tool.You can also upload the file in the form of a .pdf, Docx, or .txt.
  2. After pasting or uploading the file there, click on the "Paraphrase" Button just below the input box.
  3. Please wait for a few seconds, and the AI-based rewriting tool will paraphrase the article by altering the words with synonyms and making it plagiarism-free.

Paraphrasing tool

The rewritten content is different from the original content, and altered words are highlighted with different colors to differentiate it from the previous one. 

You can also change the synonyms of colored words manually by clicking on the colored words; it will suggest many other synonyms.

Our best article rewriter tool uses more than 500,000 synonyms in its database, allowing its free article spinner engine to suggest the user with the best replacement that fits the context.

Professional tips for proofreading after rephrase is a grammar check.

Feature of our Online Rephrase tool.

Some of the advanced features and benefits of this tool are listed below:

  • High-quality content:

Most student bloggers and writers need a lot of content in articles, blog posts, and completing their school assignments.

But due to a shortage of time and poor writing skills, they did not perform well in this task.

So, to rephrase high-quality, unique and, grammatical-error-free content, you should use this paraphrasing tool online free.

Our paraphrase machine will paraphrase the content within a few seconds. Thus, the content will become unique, readable, and worth sharing online.

If you doubt plagiarized content, you can check the paraphrase content on the plagiarism checker and again paraphrase the content using our plagiarism changer.

  • No registration and logins:

This paraphrase online tool does not require any unique logins, registration, or subscriptions for using this tool. 

This Paraphrasing tool free to use, and you need to pay for paraphrasing even thousands of words. Is it not that amazing?

  • Saves time and energy:

Softo Paraphrase generator saves a lot of time for students and bloggers. This is an online sentence rewriter that you can use to save time and money. 

You just need to copy-paste the content in the text box of the paraphrasing tool and click on the “Paraphrase” button.

Softo sentence changer can be accessed free of charge. Thus, it saves a lot of money that a professional writer might charge you to paraphrase something for you.

Key Advantages of using our online Paraphraser.

Here are some of the advantages of using the paraphrase tool online:

  • The Online Rephrase sentence tool is fast and can rephrase thousands of words in seconds.
  • If written manually, the task can take hours to complete can be composed in seconds using a rewording tool.
  • The free paraphrasing tool is practical. It is a dedicated reworder that reword the content, picking up words smartly and changing them with relevant synonyms.

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