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Image to Text Converter

For a layman, it is very easy to understand by reading the words ‘Image to Text Converter’. It is basically an online tool that makes use of the online OCR mechanism by taking the details from the image or picture.

On the internet, for the convenience of the people, a free-of-cost online Optical Character Recognition software is used to translate the characters or the things available in a picture and turn it into the words. The kind of words that the people type while using Microsoft Word, or Notepad, etc.

The picture to Text Converter can translate any kind of text printed on the picture. Now the lives of many students, teachers, and different kinds of users have become very easy as they can make use of a picture to word converter tool which is available online. They do not need to type everything written on the picture. One can understand that typing consumes a lot of time.

This converter is a file in which any kind of picture can be uploaded, the analysis of the text written can be made easily. Then, the conversion of the text printed on the image can be made very easily and conveniently.

The image file can be of different types JPG, PNG, GIF, EPS, TIFF, PSD, PDF, AI. Then, they can be converted into text and once they have been converted in the text they can be shared, downloaded.

They can also be printed on A4 size paper. The text in which it is converted is editable. The users can properly read, save the file and can also share it.

How to make use of image to text?

It is a very beautiful service for the people who are looking to do something creative in this world. The thing which makes this service ‘a much-needed tool’ is the fact that it is totally free. No one needs to spend anything from his or her own pocket.

Usually, some important software or tool requires a person to provide his or her Credit or Debit Card details. Then, they are charged. In some cases, people are automatically charged after a month or so.

However, in the case of the Image to Text converter, the people do not need to spend anything. In fact, it does not require them to pay the money. Indeed, it is easy-to-use.

All the people need to do is, upload an image or picture from the computer, laptop, MacBook, mobile phone, etc. Otherwise, they can also upload a particular website or URL. Then, this tool starts working and the conversion will take place.

Consequently, the results will be done. The extraction or conversion will be done in a matter of a few seconds. The extracted or converted text can be amended, pasted, modified, edited, copied, and indexed.

Characteristics of the Picture to text converter

The users who are looking to make use of it first time, they must know that this tool has a few characteristics. Those features or characteristics have been described below:

  • Get the Text from multiple sources

This tool can be made to gather text from different types of material, such as books, pdf documents, and pictures on Facebook. Since it is the age of digitalization so users usually do not like to visit the libraries. They search for the material online. There are multiple sources available online. But, the material is not necessarily in the form of text.

There are pdf documents and also pictorial images on which things are written. It is not possible to type everything written on them and the material would be of utmost importance to them. So, all the text mentioned in the pictorial form can be converted into the form of text. 

There are many benefits to it, the main advantage is the saving of time. Think of the time when the users were to type everything written on the pictures. That would waste a lot of time. This tool comes to the rescue of the people of this age. Helping the people to not lag behind.

  • Converts the pictures into the Universal Language

This tool extracts the information from the pictures and images and then converts them into the text form in the English language. Everyone knows that English is a universal language.  

The people consider themselves lucky that they have got a chance to get an edge in their research work. This tool provides a quick and speedy method of converting the images, no matter how small or big the text is pictured in the image.

There are some images in which the text is written in a very artistic manner. The reason for that is to increase the beauty of the text written. So, those pictures or scanned documents can be transformed into English text very easily. It is not just a time saver but a money saver as well.

The using of this picture to text converter tool gives ultra-sophisticated accuracy in the deciphering of the different text of various kinds of English documents. Furthermore, the English language has multiple dialects, which includes, British, Scottish, Indian, American, Canadian, etc. It can be converted into text. The tool has no barrier. Even the spelling will not be wrong. It is so correct and to the point.

  • No money spent from the pocket

In this age of capitalism, things are getting very expensive and difficult for people. For the lower middle class, and middle-class it is not easy to spend money on everything. On the internet, there are many sorts of material available but it requires people to spend money.

However, this image to text converter is an exception. Just use it, no one will ask the user to provide his or her debit or credit card details. So, it saves money. Otherwise, even if the users were asked to pay US $20 for this tool, people would have paid for it without any kind of complaint.

  • No registration is needed

There are many useful tools and online software which require the people to register and become members of the website. Think of a time when a person only has 15 minutes remaining and he or she needs to submit the task to the office manager as soon as possible.

How difficult would that be to register on a website in a short span of time? In this situation, a very famous proverb will fit over here which is as follows ‘time is money’. So, the benefit over here is that the person will not need to register to use this tool. The quickness will help the people a lot.

  • Trust factor

Not all the tools are good enough for the people on which they can trust and rely. The beauty of this tool is that it increases the trust factor of its users. This tool is reliable, it does not cheat and copy the material from the people.

  • Use it lifetime

There is no limit to the user of this tool in terms of the time. Use it for 24 hours and 365 days. It totally depends on the people. No one will stop the people from using it. Since there is no registration so there is no barrier in using it. It can be used any time.

  • Multiple uploading

The users must not be worried about uploading. They can upload any kind of document and as many times as they want. A person may need to upload one document or hundreds of documents. There is no limitation or recoding of data done. It can be umpteen number of scanned notes, photos, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, books, pictures, images as much as you want. The people will be provided the result as desired.

  • No registration fees needed to pay

When there is no registration. So, there is no need for registration or membership fees. Many of the facilities provided on the internet require people to pay membership fees and subscription charges. But, Image to Text converter is an exception. Plus, there is no signing up required.

  • Safety of data ensured

This tool keeps the security of the individual by maintaining privacy. It means that people's data will not be stolen and snatched. We always aim and promise to keep your data safe and secure. There are some websites and online forums where the data of the people is stolen and later it is copied by the forums. as that data is passed to the other parties this act is highly unethical and criminal.

  • Privacy is guaranteed

Making sure that people are an important entity is the fact that it is to be taken into consideration. It is made sure that the data and material of the people are private and remain so. Those forums which do not maintain the privacy of the individuals are perpetrating a criminal act. Complain can be made regarding this act. However, in the case of this tool, there is a mechanism set up which guarantees that the information of the people is removed as soon as possible. They are not kept in the server of the data.

  • Multiple fonts exist

A layman or a person who is not an expert in information technology does not know the font in which a particular picture is. It would also be impossible for a person to judge the font in which the scanned documents are present. But, this image to text tool is an exception. It makes use of advanced artificial intelligence. Thus, it is very easy for the software to read and analyze the material written on it.

  • Particular part analysis

It is also possible for people to analyze a particular part of an image or photo. Some people may prefer a specific portion of the picture. There is a crop image tool present that can be clicked.

  • No problem with mathematics

Even if there are umpteen number Mathematical fonts or equations, the user can still be easy-going with its usage. They can easily be gauged. They will still be converted into texts.

  • Download as soon as possible

What if data is so important that it can lead to huge losses to the people? This tool encourages the people to not copy and paste and instead just convert it directly. It saves huge time and prevents the loss of data.

  • Easily copied to Clipboard

It may happen that the data is important but for a temporary time period. In that case, the data is not needed to be downloaded but it can just be copied to the clipboard. Then, the converted text can be used accordingly.

  • Any scanned document works with it

The well-analyzing image OCR tool can scan the pictures which are blurred. Modern technology reads and deciphers the badly scanned images. The text will not be a close guess but will analyze correctly and accurately.

  • No problem with low-resolution images

There are pictures of documents, notes, pages of the book which are taken from a low-quality camera or a camera with lesser resolution. Due to the camera, an image may appear blurred for the eye of a beholder. Suggesting to retype will be a diligent and inappropriate task in all the cases. Retyping also leads to misspelling of some words. However, the OCR is able to read the fonts which are faded and can generate results accordingly.

  • Supported on cell phones

There are many users in this world who only make use of mobile phones. They do not use laptops or computers. So, they try to get results on their cell phones.  One of the multiple benefits of the tool is that it can be opened on mobile screens. It is mobile compatible. The pictures can be taken from the mobile and then they can be converted right away from their mobile screens.

Brief highlights about Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a radical technology that works in the whole scenario when it is a matter of Image to Text conversion. It lets the people deeply analyze a picture and then identify the text which is mentioned in the photo. It can be typed, written, or printed.

However, it can then be translated and in the word document, or in any sort of literary activity. OCR Online is a twisty and highly efficient method of the electronic extraction of data from an image and then turning it into a normal kind of text.

This technology eliminates the chances of mistakes because it optically distinguishes and decodes every character individually present in a picture or a particular scanned document and then it is turned into a different format.

The character recognition is a very twisty process, it involves an OCR mechanism to match a picture into an electronic version that analyses it. The tool recognizes the font which is taken into consideration in the image for making another document.

It may also happen that the paper which has been scanned is blurred. The reason being the poor quality of the paper and the improper scanning. Consequently, the characters are not recognizable.

To assist the people in such scenarios, any kind of free of cost online OCR software available to provide the people with correct outcomes which may not provide 100% accurate results.

Why Should You Use Image To Text?

Presently, anyone is able to find some free-of-cost software providing the Optical Character Recognition or software providing the picture to word on the internet. One is able to get the software provided by not just the PrePost SEO but also by the competitor.

The inventive team of PrePost SEO has developed a tool capable of extracting the text from an image online. It works similar to the OCR of Google. Its use is very easy.

The person just needs to upload the different types of images available on his or her desktop/laptop/phone, then by clicking on the word ‘Submit’ process will take place.

The results will appear in very little time. It is also possible for the people to post a URL of the image available on a website. The image can be taken from the Dropbox or Google Drive as well.