AUDIT-C for Alcohol Use


Audit-C Test

The Audit-C Score is also considered as the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test. The main purpose is to cure the Alcoholic Liver Disease.  It is a screening test that can assist and signify people who love to drink wine, beer, whisky, or any other type of alcohol. It can be used to treat active alcohol use disorders, for example, alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence.

The AUDIT-C test is done on scoring criteria from 0 to 12. If a man or a woman gets a score of zero, it tells that a person has not used alcohol at all. The scoring apparatus is different for both men and women. Getting a score of 4 or more than that by men is to be regarded as positive. But, when a woman scores greater or equal to 3 then it will be considered positive.

The more the AUDIT-C score is, the higher the chances are that the alcoholic drinking is affecting his or her health.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

An unadjusted method of having alcohol resulting in medically characterized damage or suffering. It must have been established by one or more than one of the following happening within a year. Consequently, the person is not able to perform the basic duties at his or her home, school, college, university or work. Making use of alcohol in dangerous circumstances; continuing its usage even though the consumer is having alcohol-related issues resulting in both Intra or Inter-related problems.

What is Alcohol Dependence?

Medically characterized damage or suffering caused by long-lasting consumption of alcohol. Its usage in the existence of greater or equal to 3 times caused in the time of a year: acceptance, extraction, consumption of huge quantities over a longer period of time than expected. The alcohol consumer may constantly try to limit the need or ineffective struggles to limit its consumption.

A person may find it extremely difficult to recover from alcohol usage, he or she may need to renounce social, work-related, or entertaining activities to control it. A person may stick to its consumption even though he or she is aware of the fact that he is exposed to multiple health issues because of it.

What is Risky Drinking?

A female drinking 7 drinks in a period of 7 days or drinks at least 4 drinks on any particular event. But, males drinking more than 14 drinks in a period of 7 days or consumes 5 drinks on any particular event.

What was the research finding?

The studies done regarding the correctness of alcohol in multiple races have variety of outcomes. The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test or AUDIT-C Score is a screening test having 10 items or questionnaires which were particularly made to prevent cultural prejudice.

The initial 3 questions of the Audit relates to alcohol usage, those 3 items are done for risky drinking or problems caused by use of it. Initially the test was corrected in the patients who were mainly White VA. The reason for this study was to see the accuracy of the AUDIT-C in the man and woman who needs basic care.