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Readability Score

The important and need of good quality content is increasing with the passage of each day. It is a fact that the right keywords have to be used in the content to get more traffic but you need to take other factors into consideration as well. Readability is a very important factor. If you have an online brand and you want people to spend money on the products, make the content readable. It should be interesting and fresh.

This is when the audience would make a stop, spend time and buy the product. Simply stuffing keywords would only bring online marketing professions and internet surfers to your website. To get someone who would spend money, a lot of attention has to be paid on readability.

Check your readability score easily

Can you check whether the written content has a high readability score or not? This is exactly what our tool is meant for. It scans through the written content and provides information about the readability it has.  By going through the steps of execution, we can gain more information about this.

  1. Paste or upload the required content

There are two options to upload the content which has to be checked. One option is that you can paste the written content. If the content has been saved in the form of a word or PDF document, it can be uploaded directly. This tool supports multiple document formats. After uploading the content, click the button “check readability”. The tool would provide various details about the uploaded content.

  1. Checking the produced outputs

Various important parameters about the written text are produced by this quality tool. One of the categories is text statistics. This shows important information like total words, total keywords and unique words. Apart from that, the readability index offers core details including automated readability index. The average header is an important aspect and provided relevant information including characters per word and words per sentence. The fourth category of output is content statistics. It tells about total sentences and syllables.

Reasons to use readability checker

Why is it important to know about content readability?  As a content creator, you should know whether the reader would spend time on reading the written information or not. At times, too many keywords are used in the content. This is called stuffing. The present SEO regulations do not support keyword stuffing in any manner. Instead, penalties are applied on the content creator.

  • From the perspective of getting web traffic, this tool is a must use. To get more users on a website, content has to be updated from time to time. When fresh content is uploaded on a website, the rank of a website improves and more users pay visits. Using this tool, you can check the content prior to publishing. If there are any issues with the readability, you can make changes in advance.
  • This is a free tool so no need to be apprehensive about the number of times you use it. You can check the content as many times as you want to.

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