AMTS Calculator


Ask the patient to state each of the following:
42 West Street.This should be repeated by the patient to ensure it has been heard correctly.
Show the patient two pictures: A Postman and a cook, or Who are these two people? (Show pictures of Pope and Queen.)

AMTS Calculator

Abbreviated Mental Test (AMT)

When there is some kind of mental imbalance in the patient then it should not be taken for granted. It needs attention. Naturally, when there is severe headache the patient needs to take Panadol. The patient does not leave it as it is. The important thing to be taken into consideration is that seeking the guidance of a doctor, physician, or a medical expert. Only then the situation will be cleared to the medical expert.

The reason for the Abbreviated Mental Test is that it tells the doctor if the patient is suffering from dementia. For those who have heard about dementia first time must know that it is a part of mental cognition. The patients who are suffering from dementia cannot focus on their daily work. They cannot even perform daily activities.


The Abbreviated Mental Test was launched in the year 1972 by the geriatricians. A geriatrician is a doctor focusing on the health issues of the elderlies. The AMT is renowned in hospitals for normal use. However, there is also a drawback of the Abbreviated Mental Test (AMT) score as it cannot be authenticated in primary care and conducting test on the large populations. The AMT cannot be translated, both in verbal and cultural form. It is to be noted that in the modern world it is not possible to suggest this test to anyone, because of its issues with validity.

The benefit of the AMT test is the simplicity of it. It is easy to carry out and the score is easily found.  The disadvantage of it is that it lacks rationality. Many people question its authenticity. The main reason is that over time some questions as the date of World War 1 and the name of the monarch or king will have less importance nowadays. After the rise of nation-state, the concept of Kingdom has been abolished.

What happens in AMT?

The test involves some questions which check the level of concentration. Unfortunately, the patients of dementia are unable to remember the basic information about themselves. Some patients forget their own names. So, the patients are asked their full name, date of birth, year of birth, and questions that are related to it. The answers determine results of the test.

What is AMT 4 Formula?

We are all living in the space age. Nowadays, the medical industry has introduced the latest digital tool in order to treat the patients. By making use of the Abbreviated Mental Test 4 formula, one can know easily if a patient has cognitive damage.

The table below shows what is involved in the test:

Age 0 1
Date of Birth 0 1
Place 0 1
Year 0 1

How does the table work?

In order to know how the AMT 4 test works, one has to inspect the table present above. A patient will be asked four questions that involve his or her age, birth year, date and also the place where the patient was born. If a patient answers correctly then he/she will score one point and in case of a wrong answer one would get a zero. Getting a 4 score describes that the patient does not suffer from any mental problem. However, getting a score either 0 or 3 or somewhere in between would suggest that the patient has dementia or related damage but it requires further diagnosis and medical treatment.

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