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Broken Links Checker

What are Broken Links?

Broken links are those on your site that point to non-existent resources; they can be internal (that is, to other pages of your domain) or external (that is, to pages of other domains).

These are the only two ways that broken (dead) links can end up on your website:

  1. The linked site decided to delete or removed the page to which it is linking, this is known as "link rot";
  2. Without realizing it, you end up linking to the incorrect URL (that is, you didn't want to add the link to your website)

Why is it so bad to have broken web links?

Dead links are not only annoying, their existence can cause real damage to your online business as well as to your online reputation!

Because of this, a website may:

  • Lose some of the existing customer base (current users will be frustrated enough sooner or later to never come back)
  • Have trouble getting new customers (because of the dead weblinks people just won't find things/pages they're looking for)
  • Damage your reputation online (most online customers consider broken links as proof of disrespect from the owners of the site)
  • Have a negative impact on the ratings of your website with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Why do you need our online dead link checker?

Because of the lack of satisfactory broken link checker tools (such as URL validators, web spiders, HTML crawlers, website health analyzers, etc.) it is really very difficult to determine which exact internal and external (outbound) hyperlinks have died/broken and it is even more difficult to fix them because you need to know where exactly the link is?

This is exactly where our online dead link checker really shines;

It will check your entire website-crawl all pages in search of problems and detect invalid website references telling you exactly where to fix them! For every bad hyperlink found (both internal and outgoing) you will see a screen that shows the highlights the status of the link either live or broken. Through real-time results, you can immediately build broken backlink and eventually repair your blog very fast. So your visitors will no longer be annoyed with error "Page Not Found!"

How to use our dead link checker?

We have developed a user-friendly interface for webmasters so they can find results in quick and real-time. The procedure is simple: type or paste the URL of your website in the search box and click on "Analyze Links" button.

Now wait for few seconds and see how quickly our broken link checker fetch all the links from your site including internal and external for accurate results. Once the report is completed, you can see how many links are "live" and how many are "broken."

It's easy, safe, and quick to find broken links on your website with our advanced broken link checker. As we strive to spread mutual benefit through global technology, our dead link checker is 100% free tool just like our other free tools that we have developed for webmasters i.e., Backlink Generator, Domain Authority Checker, Moz Rank Checker, XML Sitemap Generator, Malware Checker, Alexa Rank Checker, Blog Search Tool, Google PR Checker, Links Extractor.

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