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The more links we get, the higher our website will be in the search results of Google when positioning on each page. However, to get links is one thing while the process to index on Google using Google indexer is another aspect.

Link indexer – Index links on Google

Links can be indexed by adding them on Google in many ways. You may have heard about Google Search Console for indexing links, but this method takes too much time and does not support bulk links indexing. So what’s the best way?

Softo Google Indexer is the indexing tool that can index your website and links to the 60+ search engines without wasting your precious time. Our website indexing tool service is one of the best available on the internet. The process of indexing links, ping links, ping backlinks are one of the many ways to let Google know about a new link to your website.

Site indexer – Index New Website on Google

Our tool can be used to index your newly created website, or if it has been reconstructed and the link structure has changed. Our Google indexing tool will crawl your website much faster than Google crawlers, resulting in increased visibility in Google search and increased website traffic.

Website & Link Indexing to Referring Domains

You will notice a rapid increase in domains linked to your site using our tool in a short time. It is because Google will find your link and will include it in its SERP. You will also notice an increase in keywords in the Google ranking, resulting in increased website traffic and more new customer who will purchase your services, if you are running online business.

Why Softo Google Indexer Tool?

You can submit up to 10 URLs and can select related category for the accurate indexing links and sites on search engines. You can index URLs or boost links with Softo ping website tool speedily and proficiently. It’s the fastest Google indexer, we can say it is the best link indexer that comes free for users and beginner webmasters. So if you need to index website, you don't need to submit it on Google any more. Simply open Softo Google Indexer, paste URLs and click “Index” button. There you go!

Our Google Indexer is best alternative to other online Google Indexing tools as we ping and index links and websites within a few seconds on 60+ search engines. We also have a backlink checker, backlink generator, and verify backlink tool in case if you need to create backlinks and to check later for the verification process.

So if somebody asks: how do I get my website on google, or how do I index links on Google?

Google Indexer tool by Softo should be your answer!

How to use website indexing tool?

If you want to keep your website visible on the internet, you need a Google index page tool for that. You can't index every page and link of your website and check if they are indexed properly or not. So you need our Google index tool that is reliable and free!

To use it, simply go from your search browser to and find the Google Index Website or Google Indexer tool. Once the backlink indexer is opened, enter your website's URL address. Next is the' category' box, it is by default set to “other”. By clicking on the down arrow, you’ll see a list of categories. You can select your website's category. Click the “Start Indexing” button to start pinging.

Now just wait and see the bulk index tool ping all the web servers and search engines associated with the category of your website. Because thousands of web servers are spread around the globe, it will take a few minutes for the tool to complete. It pinges your website from different web servers and if the ping is successful, a message “successfully indexed” will be displayed in the result box.