Body Surface Area Calculator


BSA calculator

In terms of definition, body surface area (BSA) defines the total area that a human body occupies.  A lot of people think that it is the same as BMI. However, there are key differences between the two.  A proper formula is used to determine BSA and the overall calculation strategy is complex. For an ordinary person who does not know a lot about calculations, square roots and complicated multiplications, it is not possible to determine correct BSA values. With this BSA calculator, you can simply forget about completing any stages to determine the BSA value. Using this tool is the simplest and most convenient way to determine BSA values.

  • The formula used to determine BSA is given as follows. Its unit is m2 (square meters)

BSA = [√height (cm) * weight (kilos)] / 3600

Numerical Example

Let us consider a proper numerical example to see how this formula actually works. Consider that there is an individual with height 140 cm, weight 111 kilos. Thus, the value of BSA would be given as

BSA = [√140 (cm) * 111 (kilos)] / 3600

BSA = 2.07 square meters


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