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Keyword Density Checker

Have you ever heard of keywords or keyword density checker? One word most writers fear when writing an article is the word ' keyword.' Keywords don't just come as a word, if they do, then there would definitely be no fuss about writing around them, but hey, some keywords might be a combination of 3-4 complex words. And this literally means putting together these combos in an article at different points, how tiring is that?

Well, no matter how tiring the use of keywords might be, if you want your website to rank high on search engines, it is very necessary to include them. So you need to make sure the keyword density on each page is sufficient to keep up the levels of your Search Engine Optimization. The big question, though, is how do you do this without boring and mumbling the content? This is where you need our Keyword Density Checker.

What is Keyword Density?

It's more like a mathematical formula as it involves some sort of calculation. It is the percentage for the rest of the text of keyword rate. This clearly means that the density of your keyword is the ratio between the keyword and the entire text body. This seems to be a pretty easy task to do, but when dealing with long keywords it can be quite challenging. So you need to perform the mathematical formula to get the exact density you want, and this might take forever without using a keyword density checker.

Why do you need a keyword density checker for keywords?

There are a number of reasons you would need a keyword density checker and some of the many are listed below:

  • If you need to go through the calculation series to get the exact keyword density with your calculator, you may eventually make an error with your math. This might be quite disheartening, but with a keyword density checker you can avoid such errors.
  • It saves time. No doubt, using a keyword density checker you can beat the time. The time you'd spent counting the number of times keywords appearing in your article can be used to make something more productive, for example another article writing using our article rewriter.
  • It kills stress. The amount of “hard work” required for each article you write is justified for one task, but it could be draining when combined with calculation. With the keyword density checker, you got a perfect solution.
  • It increases your article's visibility status: Keyword density checker gives you the chance to see if your article has a high density or too low density to be noticed on the web. With this checker, you could make corrections to any article choked with keywords and those not even up to the standard.

What is the best density checker for keywords to use?

None other than the Softo keyword density checker. It is the best tool you can ever use and feel confident anytime.

Here's why it's easy to use our keyword density checker to check density. It has a user-friendly interface with the text box where you need to paste the written text or enter URL to check density. Simply put, you don't need a professional to help with it.

Also, another very important reason why our checker is better is that it doesn't take long to show you results and that saves a lot of time. Although it may seem that other checkers also responded quickly, but with its speed, the Softo keyword density checker is always reliable and, most definitely, precise.

Surely this is a win-win deal!

What is the ideal percentage of keyword density checker?

This is a question that writers mostly ask and no one has yet to get a perfect answer. Well, there's no ideal keyword density checker percentage known so far, according to Google. And the most appreciable article that can be called ideal is the one without keywords stuffing. However, it is recommended that the keywords ratio should be less than 1%. So, you always need to avoid keyword stuffing.

Is a natural article with keyword density checker possible?

Yes, but are you aware of what a natural article is? A natural article is an article that is not overwhelmed by keywords but appears to be simple and beautiful to read. That’s why webmasters recommend to use readability checker before making the article live. In the quest to try to get a certain percentage for your keyword density, many miss the entire main point and this leads to a mess. If you are playing your cards right, you can write a natural article and still rank high on your desired keyword.

So hey, let the word "keyword" no longer send shivers down your nerves. Relax, write and enjoy what you write with our keyword density checker.

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