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Word Counter

It is important to keep a check on the number of words when you are working on a piece of writing. Academic assignments, speeches, blogs and other writing forms have word limits. While working on writing pieces, the writer has to make sure that the word limit is not exceeded. By using a high standard word count tool, you can check the word limit and character count at all times. This tool is recommended to perform online word count checks.

An online tool with trouble free usage

If you talk about quality tools these days irrespective of the purpose they are developed for, the usage is online. People are not inclined a lot to go through downloads and large scaled installations. They prefer tools with online usage options. This word counter tool is 100% online. You can access it from your smartphone, laptop and tablet without completing any installation requisitions. If you have a working internet connection, you can access it from any device. To know more about the usage, let us understand the steps which have to be followed.

Steps of using the word counter tool

Users do have concerns about whether a tool would be simple to use or not. In case of a word counter tool, you do not need to have these worries. This tool is simple to use and any user can easily adapt to it. Here are the key steps which users have to follow.

  • The first step is uploading the content. Consider that you need to check the word count of a blog. Simply copy the content as text and paste it in the text box provided. Once the text has been pasted, the word count would be shown below it. Some writers use manual word counting options which prove to be a hassle. Consider that you have to write an academic paper which comprises of several sections. Once each section has been completed, you would have to count the number of words manually. In an overall manner, this extends the time frame needed to complete the academic paper. If you have a short deadline, it would become complex to meet it.

A good method to save time and effort

The word counter tool saves a lot of time for the writer. Whenever you want to get the words counted, you can get quick results by using this tool. Professional writers have a lot of workload and usually run for time. Counting the number of words is an important step of this procedure. If you are checking the words manually, a lot of stress would be exerted on you. Using a word counter is a helpful option to check the number of words without spending very lengthy durations.

This tool does not have any usage cost. In other words, it is completely free and no restrictions are applied on any of the features. Users can use the tool as many times as they want to determine the number of words. For novel writing and other similar tasks, this tool is very suitable.

Line counter and keyword density checker tools are highly recommended when using word counter tool. Other than these tools, plagiarism checker, article rewriter, and grammar checker should be properly used when writing blog, essay or research work.

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