Online URL Encode/Decode

To use this Online URL Encode/Decode, Paste Urls in the input box given below and click on Encode/Decode Button.


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Online URL Encode Decode

A good tool for URL encoding and decoding comes in handy for web masters in particular. The internet is full of URL encoding tools and each one of them has promotions of being the best option. In such cases, it is hard to make a selection. This URL Encoder is actually a dependable option because it produces error free results. This is why users have no problems in trusting it and counting on it.

Easy user interface for comfortable using

No user likes to go through a lengthy learning phase and then start using a tool. It is a cumbersome option for any user. Complex tools are only suitable for users with abundant technical knowledge. However, most users have basic knowledge and they prefer easy interfaces. This URL encoding tool has a very easy interface. Users can learn it and adapt it without spending time on complicated options.

The process of tool usage

The tool has very simple steps. Here is what the users have to do.

  • There are two text boxes and in the first one, you need to enter the text which has to be encoded. If you want to encode the text, paste it in this text box. After that, click the “encode” button. This would encode the text and convert it into the URL form. The output would appear in the right text box. For decoding the URL, the web address would be pasted in the right text box and the “decode” button would be clicked.

A free tool that does not carry usage restrictions

It is not that hard to search for a free URL encoding tool. However, users do not know that several tools are free for a small time slot only. This tool is completely free and users do not have to follow any time restrictions. You can use this tool as many times as needed without spending money to update to a paid version. None of the features have restrictions and you can use any of them.

Use the tool online

Users prefer tools that are quick and do not involve any cumbersome process. If you are using an offline tool, you would have to download the setup file, complete the stages of installation and then use it. With an online tool, this is not the requirement. This URL encoding tool can be used from any device that has a working internet connection. No downloads or installations have to be completed by the user.

Manual encoding and decoding are stressful

Using manual methods for URL encoding and decoding is not the best strategy. To start with, a lot of concentration is needed and immense time has to be given by the user. This tool is much quicker and eliminates the risks of making mistakes. It is a technological option so you can be rest assured that no errors would be made during the encoding and decoding procedures.

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