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Plagiarism Checker

It goes without stating that plagiarism is a dishonest action that needs to be resolved correctly. Our advanced plagiarism software refers to those irreplaceable instruments that can be used by all individuals engaged in multiple educational operations, i.e., both pupils and educators.

It is also highly helpful to both skilled and aspiring writers. Thanks to the online plagiarism checker, you can quickly and systematically check the sources of plagiarized material.

The common argument is that learners often forget to put quotations marks around a citation or simply unconsciously replay a memorable phrase from one's reading.

Teachers might say that they just copied the assignment of another person without adequate mention. That's why you should know how to verify for plagiarism to have the ability to correct errors.

Teachers, in turn, can depend on our plagiarism checking technology to detect plagiarism cases, thus saving their working time.

How to use our plagiarism check software at its full potential:

  1. Select a paper that you are supposed to check plagiarism online.
  2. Upload or attach it or copy and paste your writing.
  3. Click on "Check Plagiarism" button to check your document against a broad variety of databases.
  4. Get ratio of plagiarism with matched sources.

It should be noted that our plagiarism detector is programmed in such a manner that common sentences are ignored statistically. So, you'll certainly get the most precise outcomes. You are encouraged to use Softo plagiarism scanner to demonstrate your readers your originality and intellect.

The main advantages of plagiarism checker online

There are countless advantages of using online plagiarism detector. You cannot even think of what magnitude you will enhance your scholarly and professional knowledge. Here are some cases in which you can expect benefits from the Softo plagiarism softare:

  • It determines the resemblance of paper content by using distinct plagiarism detection techniques and algorithms.
  • It can determine multiple kinds of plagiarism such as duplicate plagiarism, plagiarism of copy-and-paste, plagiarism of translation, plagiarism of ideas, etc.
  • It generates adequate reports.
  • It produces results in real time, which certainly saves your precious time.
  • It demonstrates the outcomes of detection of plagiarism with matched sources.
  • It enables you to see your mistakes and become more cautious in recording sources.
  • It finds out unexpected plagiarism.
  • It provides you the opportunity to review your study documents, thesis and report before submitting them.
  • Its understandable interface completely meets users' requirements.

No Need to Download – No Need to Pay

The best thing about our plagiarism tool is that you don't have to download it. Just visit this tool and do it all online. What's more interesting? You're not going to pay, not even a cent for using it because it's totally free and safe.

Softo plagiarism detector offers you trust that all pieces of your project are certainly protected from plagiarism. Our article rewriter can rewrite the whole paper without changing the context of the paper.

You would no longer have to care about this issue while depending on it during your tiring research process. However, in any situation, you should always prevent this high-risk activity as plagiarism can destroy all your opportunities for constructing a good profession.

Uses of Free Plagiarism Checker

Online plagiarism test is an effective way to inspect your papers for any red flags that might suggest plagiarism. For those who are serious about their academic or research work, this specialized software is available free for plagiarism remover.

Get Access to Large Databases

While some people use Internet search engines to search for plagiarized material, plagiarism tool provides more sources, such as large databases that include newspapers, journals, published articles and books that may not be available online.

Get Exact Copied Content

Another of the five reasons for using a plagiarism checker is that this software highlights the exact content. In other words, you can see for yourself what the original author wrote words or phrases are plagiarized.

Check Similarity Percentage

It provides similarity percentages in real time. To check plagiarized papers, many universities use our plagiarism tool. A similarity percentage is given when students and instructors use this software to check similarity in papers.

A university will have an acceptable standard percentage rate. Students must remain at or below that percentage rate to be satisfactory with respect to similarity in their papers.

Check Your Paraphrasing Skills

Another reason for using a plagiarism test tool is to check your paraphrasing skills. A plagiarism checker, as stated above, will highlight the material that is an exact match to the words of the original author.

If you haven't paraphrased properly, the highlighted material will tell you about it. To reword and cite the text, use that red highlighted text box.

If you can’t paraphrase or if you are in hurry, you can use paraphrasing tool to paraphrase the whole paper. This paraphrasing tool will remove plagiarism on your behalf with one click. Similarly, if you have manually paraphrased the article, you can check grammar of your written paper on online grammar checker.

Download Report

This software provides proof that your content is plagiarism free. You can prove to your instructor or university that your content is original by printing or saving an electronic copy of your plagiarism report.

Some instructors will ask this report for a copy, others won't. Keeping a copy for your records can provide you with protection in either case.

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