Bmi And Bsa Calculator


BMI And BSA Calculator

The letter BMI stands for Body Mass Index and the BSA stands for Body Surface Area. These two are used in health care. In reality, many people have not understood them properly. There is a commonality in both of them. They both talk about the size of a person’s body, but they provide extremely different data.

One needs to take them into consideration step by step. The BMI or Body Mass Index tells about the fact that if the person is having excessive weight. It is calculated on the basis of weight and height. One can easily measure BMI. It is related to the presence of the mass of body fat. It is a sophisticated estimation of all over fat of the body equated with the weight of the body of a person.

Body Mass Index can judge the chances of situations which include heart problems, high blood pressure, matters of diabetes, air-breathing issues, gallstones and a few kinds of cancers. Taking a look at BMI from the critical point of view, BMI itself overrates the fat of the body. The overrating is done in case of sportsmen and sportswomen.

Simultaneously, the bodyweight can also be underrated in senior citizens. That means those people who do not have proper muscles. The BMI is computed by making use of the weight of the body in kilograms and then dividing it by the height. But, the height has to be in meters (squared).

BMI Formula


BMI= Weight (kg)


Height (m)2


The Body Surface Area (BSA) is used to compute the level of drug consumption and medicinal presence in a person. The original formula was launched by Du Bois in the year 1916 and from then onwards many others have been created.

The Monsteller formula is not difficult to compute and the people do not forget it. It is one of the most widely utilized formula in the world of medical science. The Monsteller formula takes into consideration the square root of the height in centimeters which is multiplied by the weight in kilograms and then divided by 3,600.

Average BSA

Usually, the body surface area of the people is 1.7m2. It is basically 1.6m2 for grown-up women and girls and 1.9m2 is for boys and men. The average BSA number is used to compute the medicines used to fight against cancer. In order to reduce the variability size of the patients, also to reduce the chemotherapy medicines given to the patients. Their usage is in milligrams of drugs per meter square of BSA square.

Is it an authentic norm?

The truth is that this mechanism has not been properly considered authentic. The medicines given according to the body surface area has become a norm. Those medicines include the cytotoxic doses and some antibodies. The BSA mitigates variation in the size of the patient and adipose tissue which is different from normal, which is used in the optimization of the effectiveness of medicines in order to better the drug authorization and ensure that that noxiousness is kept to a minimum level.

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