Bulk Alexa Rank Checker

To use this Bulk Alexa Rank Checker, Paste up to 10 websites to check their alexa rank: (one url on each line) in the input box given below and click on check alexa rank Button.


Check Alexa Rank

Check Alexa Rank of multiple websites

One of the major problems for webmasters is to compare alexa rank of multiple websites. Alexa does not have option to compare the ranking of two different websites. You can to check each website separately and then you have to compare it manually.

Our tool is designed in such a way that you can compare up to 10 websites in on search. You can compare Global ranking of website and you can also compare local ranking of websites. Our checker also shows in which country you website ranks higher.

You can also compare alexa ranking graphs of different websites.

How to use this tool:

Our Alexa rank comparison tool is very easy to use. Paste your website url and your comparators website urls in the input box above. Then click on the Compare Rank button to start comparing process. After that our tool will start displaying Global and Local rank of each website one by one. It will also display graphs for each website so that you can better understand the previous behavior of all those websites.

By using our tool you can

  1. Compare Global rank of two or more websites
  2. Compare Local rank of two or more websites
  3. Compare total reach of two or more websites


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