Binary Calculator


Binary Calculator

The standard numbers that we add or subtract are in decimal form. They are also called base 10 numbers because they have 10 values (0 to 9). Performing calculations in this format is relatively easier than other formats. For instance, if you are using the binary format, it would be almost impossible to perform calculations quickly and come up with the correct results. A quality binary calculator is a must need. This online binary calculator is a good alternative.

The entered inputs

  • A binary calculation is performed between two numbers just like any other format. Thus, you need to enter the first number in binary form, select the option for mathematical operation and enter the second number in binary form. After that, you can proceed with the calculation process.

The produced outputs

You do not need to have advanced knowledge of binary codes to understand the outputs because they have an easy presentation.

  • The first output is the result in binary format. Consider that the binary inputs are 110011 and 100110. Hence the output in binary form would be 1011001.
  • The second and third outputs are in decimal and hex formats respectively. For instance, considering the binary numbers mentioned above, the decimal output and hex output for addition would be 89 and 59 respectively.

Beneficial for various users

This tool does not suit a specific type of users only. It is useful for anyone who has to perform binary calculations.

  • Computer science students are taught about number formats and their calculations on the initial scale. They have to practice more so that a strong command is attained. This tool would help you if several calculations have to be performed and you are running out of time. All you have to do is enter the inputs. The calculation tasks are performed by the tool. There are no problems related to accuracy so you don’t have to recheck anything. Once the calculations have been completed, you can be rest assured that the answers are correct.
  • If you are a computer programmer and need to use binary calculations as a part of the logic, this calculator would help you. It is a free tool and the user can complete as many conversions as he wants to. No charges or conditions are applied on him. It is suitable for users who want to perform binary calculations without spending a lot of time.

Online tool with free usage

This binary calculator is an online tool without any limitations. Apparently when you are using a tool or application, certain soft wares have to be downloaded prior to usage.  This requirement does not have to be fulfilled if you are using our binary calculator. It is an online tool and no downloads are needed.

Easy set of features

It becomes hard for the user to use a tool with complicated options. A certain time span has to be spent on learning the features. The user can only use the tool if he has a proper grip on the tool. This calculator is much simpler and users do not have to go through any learning procedure.

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