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What is my IP

The word IP stands for ‘Internet Protocol’. When your friend is coming to meet you the first time in life, he or she will come on a particular address. You may live in an apartment, bungalow, etc. but, your friend will locate you using your address.

Similarly, Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) is an address in numbers to locate every user on the internet. It is not only given to you, but also to the machines connected with the computer. The machines include routers, printers, and switches.

There are other devices as well, which are assigned an IP address. Actually, the IP address is assigned to the TCP network. An IP address is a fundamental element in which the structure of networking is based. There are no users and devices without an IP address.

IP addresses can change. They are like the location of a person on the internet. They help to build the connections between the network nodes. That is, from one network node to another. This is why you can send an email to another place. That place has an IP address as well to which you connect.

An IP address is like a bridge that joins the whole system of the World Wide Web. Every person, entity, or the device has a unique IP address. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) gives IP addresses to the Network nodes whenever they become a part of a network.

There is a collection of unassigned addresses out of which IP addresses are provided further. The nodes are assigned those addresses which are changing. They are not used again by the same nodes (user, device or machine)

That means another device restricts the same IP addresses which are given to them and they cannot be reused.

What are its types?

There are two types of IP addresses. Please, have a look at them below:

Classful IP address: This type of IP address consists of different classes of IP, for example, A, B, C, D, and E. All of these classes, individually have a particular series of IP addresses. The D and E classes of IP addresses are kept for tentative reasons.

Classless IP address: It is based on random values. The classless IP addressing is used in order to prevent the loss of it. For this method, sub-netting is also used.

What is the difference between Public and Private IP address?

A public IP address is basically an internationally unicast IP address which can be routed, that means it is not an address usable in the private networks. For example, the ones which are kept by RFC 1918, or the numerous formats of IPv6 address of limited scope. To connect the local addressing. Such type of IP addresses can be used for linking between hosts present on the Internet.

However, the private IP addresses are not internet-based on an inbound network. Such kind of address is given by machines connected on the network, which can be routers, making use of network address translation (NAT).

How to find your IP address?

There are many techniques to look for your IP address. It is all a matter of the operating system which your device is connected to. While you are on our website we suggest you to makes use of this widget present on this screen. It will show your IP address and also some more information which can be taken from that particular address, like where you are located.

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