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Text Compare

The internet is the main source of information and data. If a user has to get content for a project proposal, presentation, article or research assignment, he would search for it online. There is a sequential process involved here. First, relevant information is searched by the user. After that, the user downloads documents which have the related data. For instance, consider that you are searching content for a marketing proposal. If you download a document, it would be used as a source of reference. The content you create should be compared with the source file so that all traces of plagiarism are eliminated. This is where a text compare tool comes in handy.

A reliable text compare tool

When you are selecting a tool, reliability is one of the important factors you should pay attention to. This tool is % dependable. In case of text comparison, each and every line has to be checked. This text comparison tool can produce the needed efficiency. It scans though each line of the documents that have to be compared. Once the results show that there are no similarities between the two documents, you can make the submission without having any doubt in mind.  There is no need to recheck things manually. If you are working on an assignment and it has a tight deadline, this is a commendable option to check the originality of what you have written.

Usage stages of the tool

The tool is very simple to use and the stages are easy to complete.

  • In the first menu, you need to upload the document or text you have created. Here, you can choose from multiple uploading options available. The first option is uploading the document in the form of a file. Through this tool, you can upload documents in the doc, pdf an txt formats. You can paste the content as a text or provide the URL of the content if it has been uploaded.
  • The second menu is for the file with which the comparison has to be made. The uploading options are similar to the first menu. Once both files have been uploaded, you can advance to the stage of comparison. There is “compare text” button provided for this purpose. Simply click it and the output would be generated. If there are any similarities between two content samples, they would be shown on the screen. In that case, paraphrase the content and perform the comparison again.

Save your time and get done quickly

All content submissions have timelines attached to them. For instance, if you are writing the content of a website blog, there would be a submission date for it. To get done with things on time, this text comparison tool would be a source of assistance. If you are using a substandard tool, there is every chance that some portions of the content may not be scanned. Even if a small part or section of the content is copied, it would be rated plagiarized.

Alike text compare, Similar Pages Checker and Plagiarism Checker work perfectly for finding plagiarism. Article Rewriter, and Grammar Checker are used to rewrite articles and finding grammar errors respectively.

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