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Bulk Domain Age Checker

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The most important factor in achieving a good and top rank on Google SERPs is Domain Age. The older domain is in a better position than the younger domain on Google.

This is because the older domains have experience and skills in sharing information to make wiser decisions. And, that's what Google wants.

Why does Google consider website age as a ranking factor?

As Stated by Moz:

"It is a factor. In general, It is easier to rank for a keyword on an older domain name than a newer domain name if all things being equal. However, great content and the ability to generate inbound links and etc will win in the long run. Remember, Google's focus is show the most relevant results to the user."

And, this means your website has made it through all the barriers of Google and is considered one of the best competitors.But, on the other hand, the younger domains are new to the family and will take their own time in the search results of Google to make their special place.
The younger domains will have to fight hard to keep up with the competition and move forward and improve the outcomes. And a few pushes and pulls are quite normal in this course.
Although the older ones have already established their position, the younger ones are still infants. Nevertheless, they will gradually live up to the expectations of Google and form their own identity.
The domain name is matters a lot in SEO; while choosing a new domain, you can use our Word combiner to generate different and unique domain name Ideas.

How to rank on Google?

There are often two ways to get good rankings and the first position in Google SERPs when you start a new website.

  • Frist is sharing, monetizing and keeping the website active in quality content.
  • Second, to buy an older domain.

The first option is quite understandable, and you have to do it already. The second option to buy an aged domain is not worthy for most of the time.

How to use domain age checker?

You can check the domain age of 10 URLs at once with this best URL age checker tool.
  1. Copy and paste the links to the website in the box webpage URLs.
  2. Then, click on the button 'Check Domain Age' for website age checking and wait a couple of seconds.
  3. Viwe your Results
In the same order, you listed in the search box, the bulk domain age checker tool provides complete domain information. From the information provided by the free url age checker, you can easily find the date of a website.

You will get the following details about your webpages from our Website age checker.


  • Domain Name
  • Website Creation date
  • Domain Age
  • Last Updation date
In addition, you can check if the domain you are looking for has expired or not. The tool for site age checker is very useful, fast and easy to use.

Why use our Bulk Age Checker?

Our tool provides various features in a single tool, as you can use it to get listed information about a website.

  • Get creation dateBulk Domain Age checker gives you the launch date, the date when the domain  was registered.
  • Website AgeYou can get the website age in years, months, days, and hours format.

You can use our bulk age checker to check the age of many domains, and it is a valuable tool when you want to buy an existing domain, as it gives full details for you.


This tool plays a vital role in link building with other websites. Backlinks from older websites, which have strong domain authority, helps increase your ranking. 


You can use our tool to know the age of a website before purchasing backlinks and also check Domain Authority of the aged domains before buying the Backlinks from them.


Is aged domain really important?

Google looks at the age of the domain to find out if your website is authoritative and shares quality content. Domain authority of the website matters a lot.

It also checks whether your website is free of phishing or spamming. It is one of Google's ways to ensure that you rank in the SERPs using genuine marketing practices.

Does website age affect on revenue?

Google makes sure that you used the White Hat SEO techniques to earn revenue by website age checker. The website's domain age lookup alone gives Google little but important information that is sufficient to drop or pull down the website's rankings.


This is why many marketers always find a good domain name with an older age on the hunt. This opens the gate to the fair advantages from the domain name that can be achieved.


Bulk Alexa Rank Checker and Alexa Rank comparison tools are also helpful in learning the domain quality besides domain age.

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