Email Marketing for eCommerce: 5 Effective Campaigns that Drive Sales

Email Marketing for eCommerce: 5 Effective Campaigns that Drive Sales

Although many channels are available to communicate to your customers as a brand, you can neglect the value email marketing brings compared to other channels. We all know email marketing brings an ROI of $36 for every $1 spent - if you do it right. 

As a business owner or eCommerce marketer, sending an email campaign like a blasting email is easy, but who likes to get that, and what is the return for each email campaign you get? 

If you want your email marketing efforts to drive sales, this guide will help you figure out the five effective campaigns that work best for your business. But if efficient email marketing strategies are not within your businesses capabilities, you can always make use of a B2B email marketing agency

Table of contents: 

  • What is eCommerce email marketing?
  • Why should you use email marketing for eCommerce?
  • What types of email, such as eCommerce business, should you send?
  • What are the best practices of eCommerce email marketing?

What is eCommerce email marketing?

Email marketing for eCommerce, I would say, is not only for eCommerce but for the entire industry. It may be high in the eCommerce sector to communicate with existing and potential customers about product launches, product updates, discounts, transactional information, and abandoned cart reminders. 

Some emails can be automated depending on customer behavior, past purchases, and interactions via the best email marketing software in the market to drive business objectives like awareness, engagement, cart recovery, and sales. 

Why should you use email marketing for eCommerce?

Although there are several channels through which eCommerce can communicate with its customers, email marketing is one of the most effective and reliable channels that business owners and marketers can rely on. 

Efficient and effective

Emails are the most effective channel for every marketer and business owner, wouldn’t you agree? 

That’s why it is a go-to channel to date. According to Business Insider, 34% of Americans check their emails throughout the day interpreting their work. Simply put, email is the best way to communicate with potential customers around the clock. 

Targeted and personalized

eCommerce businesses collect email lists in all ways, from webinars, newsletter popups, and paid campaigns, which have a complete subscriber base to pitch personalized and targeted emails. 

It is because customers want to hear from their favorite brands. Unlike other channels, email marketing campaigns for eCommerce are one good way to send a personalized pitch.

Reliable and flexible

Businesses are forced to keep posted on all channels with the increase in the noise of other competitors. For instance, brands send at least one message and 2 to 3 social media posts daily. 

But email marketing channel is something customers have opted in out of their interest to receive updates from their favorite brands. With all those regulations and compliance, businesses and consumers can decide how to use the channel. 

Cost-effective channel 

Paid campaigns on social media are becoming costlier day by day. Email marketing is one cost-effective channel to date that every business opts for with high email deliverability, conversions, and ROI.

Effective to say at the top of the mind

Unlike other channels, emails can be branded right from the sender name, subject line, email copy, and CTA, giving eCommerce more control over the brand's presence. Using this to the fullest to take control of the brand presence in the minds of the consumers and stay on top. 

In other channels, brands have to make consistent efforts to create a brand presence. In email marketing for eCommerce, you have to plan an email marketing campaign depending on the different stages of the consumer journey. 

What types of emails should you send as an eCommerce business?

While there are many emails that eCommerce businesses can send, I would suggest you to prioritize five email marketing campaigns for eCommerce to stand out from the crowd and that you shouldn’t miss out. 

Welcome Email

This is your very first email to your new subscribers from their favorite brand. Once your customer subscriber activates or accepts to receive you in their inbox, how would that be if you didn’t make your mark?

According to Oberlo, welcome email has an outstanding open rate of 68.6%. Yes, your customers would like to receive that invitation from you. Let me tell you this works two ways: you can set a standard in your customers' minds so they will know what they can expect from you.

Tadaa! Here is an example of a Welcome email template; that’s how it can be, but you can tweak it according to your brand presence

       Welcome Email

Source: TargetBay

Abandoned Cart Reminder Email

This is one of the most important emails that your customers have to receive to convert them into sales. Your customers can abandon their cart because they might have forgotten, so why not remind them? 

As a brand, you should drop a well-designed email along with the highlighted offer to convert them into customers. 

Here is an example of an abandoned cart reminder email template, which you can design according to your brand's presence. 

Source: TargetBay

Promotional Email

One more email marketing campaign that you have to take out of the storage box. As a brand, it is no wonder you might be running out of a promotional email marketing campaign. It can be seasonal promotion, time-sensitive promotion, product launch promotion, or anything else. 

According to Hubspot, 59% of marketers have stated that promotional emails have a high impact on ROI. Did you get that?

Here is a promotional email template that you can use as an idea to design yours,

Source: TargetBay

Cross-sell & Upsell Email

Well, this email marketing campaign, as a brand, you must consider it. It is not too late, and it is never done. ECommerce email marketing gets the result only when it follows certain rules. Yes, you must have the data about the customer preference, interest, and inquiries made; with that data, you can use it for post-purchase engagement email marketing. 

These upsell emails focus on introducing the updated version of the product that your customers have purchased before, just to show them they can have a good experience along with this updated product. 

Even the same goes for cross-selling email marketing; you can suggest other products to your good customers to go along with the purchased one. 

Here is an eCommerce email marketing email template for upselling & cross-selling. 

Source: TargetBay

Transactional Email

These are the informative emails that your customers receive from you during their purchase journey. Your customers receive emails like order confirmation, payment receipt, expected delivery date, order delays, shipping notifications, and more. 

Studies have shown that 50% of customers have felt anxiety post-purchase, so these transactional eCommerce emails have made them proactively aligned with the journey. 

What are the best practices for eCommerce email marketing?

Some eCommerce email marketing best practices I would recommend you to consider are,

  1. Always remember to build your email list - don’t buy it and make that spammy.
  2. Use the double opt-in method before sending your emails to your customers. Ensure they are ready to receive you in their inbox.
  3. Always segment your email list to avoid sending generic emails
  4. Keep your email list clean because some customers might have churned out, so better audit your email list often and keep it valid.
  5. Use responsive design for the emails you send to your customers
  6. Keep email copy lively because customers welcome hyper-personalized emails rather than blasting ones.
  7. Use consistent email branding to stay on top of your customers' minds.
  8. Use high-quality visuals in your email copy to give a branding finish and feel. 
  9. Use Dynamic content in your email copy.
  10. Run an A/B test frequently to know which email has a good open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

Ready to start your eCommerce email marketing campaign?

Email marketing always has its own value among all other marketing channels as the brand you make your presence. It is one go-to channel where you can always start with and rely upon. Of course, like other marketing channels, you have to tweak and follow your eCommerce email marketing strategies, but that has its own value. 

That is where the email marketing software pops in to bring a change, automate certain emails, and make your presence.