7 Virtual Selling Tools To Use in 2024

7 Virtual Selling Tools To Use in 2024

Today, most of the selling is going to happen online; companies are implementing different marketing strategies to enhance their sales and drive business growth. Succeeding in business isn't achievable by being online; the right set of virtual selling tools is mandatory to streamline the process. 

With so many of such tools available online, it could be challenging for companies to choose one that is most reliable. That's why we created this article, which provides in-depth information on the best virtual-selling tools in 2024. 

Best Virtual Selling Tools

Here is the list of best virtual selling tools that can help drive business growth. 

1.    Calendly

Calendly is one of the best virtual selling tools, allowing users to schedule appointments. The platform offers an individual landing page where users can view the details of their availability per the calendar settings they have made. 

With Calendly, clients and prospects can easily book appointments. The best part of Calendly is that it provides sophisticated mail and messages to remind you of your meeting time. Moreover, users can add videos to make their emails look more personal. 

2.    SendsPark

SendPark is a popular video recording app that allows users to communicate effectively with their customers. It offers branded landing pages, CTAs, captions, and more. It also comes with numerous templates that allow you to produce personalized videos. SendPark also provides analytics to monitor things and make custom improvements. 

The most amazing thing about this platform is that it works directly from your browser. There is no need to download any app, which enhances the security level. The recorded videos will be available instantly as local files, so there is nothing to worry about if there are connection issues. 

3.    ShareEcard

ShareEcard makes it possible for individuals and organizations to design artistically pleasing digital business cards that talk about their profiles, experiences, achievements, and contact information, which can easily be shared via multiple channels like email, social media, and QR codes, thus making faster networking and lead generation opportunities can be done. ShareEcard cuts off the business card market, providing seamless connections and promoting environmental sustainability. 

The digital business cards find relevance because they are practical and interactive, nurturing a relationship with associates, suppliers, vendors and clients, thus cementing the professional image and establishing new connections without your intervention. ShareEcard, as an integration booster, which facilitates businesses to be present on mainstream professional platforms like LinkedIn, helps them manage and manage professional careers, further expanding their professional networks. 

Overall, ShareEcard is a trusted virtual selling tool that uses modern and effective methodologies, such as promoting services digitally via digital business cards and other multichannel marketing strategies, to reach potential clients, make connections, and build long-term relationships.

4.    Make

Effectiveness in virtual sales lies in the name of the game. With Make, automation becomes your secret weapon, effortlessly handling repetitive tasks and freeing up your time for what truly matters: sealing agreements. While Zapier and IFTTT would love to be everywhere, Make delivers all the features at a third of the cost. 

For only $16 bucks, you will receive a mind-blowing 10,000 automated tasks with our product. Enjoy the flexibility provided by Make and a shift from manual labour to automated workflows.

5.    Intercom

Customer support is the central pillar of sales operation, and Intercom is the ultimate aid in this respect. Via its conversational interface, Intercom's customer experience enhancements, and nifty tools such as pre-defined responses and time to get back to the chat, you can effortlessly support your customers from your website. 

However, that's not the only downside. Effortlessly incorporate Intercom in your sales and marketing strategy, converting website visitors into highly qualified leads and valuable opportunities. Enhance your sales game with Intercom, the number one tool to give you a competitive advantage.

6.    Sales Navigator

Sales prospecting has become especially intelligent and effective when using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator is one of the tools that merely scratches the top layer; in contrast, it digs deep, giving meaningful social information that can be used in the sales function. 

You have the power to be the boss of your life, from committing to a job to any interests. When it comes to crafting highly personalized messages with Sendspark videos, you can be assured of getting your response rates to shoot up. Using Sales Navigator instantly upgrades your outreach to an intense level.

7.    Slack

Communication is the key to the success of every sales team, and Slack is the glue that ensures this is done. Slack offers either synchronous teamwork or asynchronous communication. It handles easy integrations with top-notch sales tools like Zoom and HubSpot while providing video and audio calling capability within the software. 

In addition, its power to bring external resources into your channels makes cross-organizational collaboration easier. Therefore, go ahead and use Slack to streamline your communications; your sales team will be grateful.


These powerful virtual selling tools can be used in 2024 to streamline business operations. Now, you can choose the best tool for your business needs and implement strategies to enhance selling. 

This year could bring many new tools to the market, and it is essential for us to stay updated with the latest trends.