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Commpare two webpages to check similarity

Check Duplicate content between two webpages to make sure everything is unique in your website. This tool is very useful when you want to overtake your competitor’s website. It will compare the following factors in two websites.

What parameters this tool checks:

  1. Match Website Titles
  2. Match website meta descriptions
  3. Match meta keywords
  4. Compare the content of both websites and check duplicated content in them

To use it, just enter url's both websites and click on the button " Check Similarity " and it will handle rest of the work. If you want to check plagiarism for all over the internet then plagiarism checker is recommended tool for this purpose.

  • Compare 2 URLs at once
  • Detailed info of both urls
  • No Daily Limit
  • Check duplicated content
Developers & Helpers
Ahmad Sattar
Ahmad Sattar

PHP, CSS, HTML5, Wordpress, CodeIgniter, MySQL

Ar As
Ar As

CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery

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