How to Remove TikTok Watermark Without Any Applications

How to Remove TikTok Watermark Without Any Applications
2024-03-22T03:54:28.000000Z - For those of you who are TikTok users, have you ever been bothered by the watermark on the videos you create or on videos from others that you enjoy? Especially when you want to download and share the video on other social media platforms, the TikTok watermark can certainly be a bit distracting to the video's appearance.

Is there a way to remove it? The answer is yes! has summarized several methods to remove the TikTok watermark without any additional applications. Here are the steps:

Method 1: Using the Android Cache Folder

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Watch the desired video until it finishes playing. If you don't watch it till the end, the video might be corrupted or unplayable.
  • Then, open the file manager and navigate to internal storage > Android > Data > Find and select the '' file.

  • Choose cache > video > cache > locate the TikTok video file.
  • The video file may not play initially. To make it playable, rename the file with any name you like, but ensure it ends with .mp4. This will remove the TikTok watermark.
  • Now you can move the video to your gallery and watch or share it on other platforms without the watermark.

Method 2: Using Snaptik Website

Snaptik is a service that allows you to download TikTok videos without the annoying watermark. Just copy the URL link of the video you want to download, paste it on the provided column, and the video is ready for download. Here's how:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Find the video you want to download (it can be your own video or someone else's) and tap on the share icon below the like and comment menu.
  • Choose the option to Copy Link.
  • Open a browser (like Google Chrome or UC Browser) and visit the Snaptik website: or click HERE.
  • Paste the copied link into the URL section and click the Download button (green icon).
  • Wait for the download process to complete, then select Download Mp4.
  • After around 15 seconds, the download will finish.
  • The downloaded video will be automatically saved to your phone's gallery. Check to see if the watermark is removed.

Method 3: Removing TikTok Watermark on iPhone

Removing the watermark on TikTok videos varies between iPhones with iOS 13 and those with iOS versions below 13. Here's how:

For iPhones with iOS 13 and upper:

  • Open the TikTok app on your iPhone.
  • Select the TikTok video from which you want to remove the watermark.
  • Look for the Share icon and choose the Live Photo option.

  • Access your Gallery and find the previously selected video.
  • Tap on the video and then press Save as Video.
  • The video will be automatically saved on your device without the watermark.

For iPhones below iOS 13:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select General, then Accessibility.
  • Enable Assistive Touch.
  • Open the TikTok app on your iPhone.
  • Find the TikTok video you want to remove the watermark from.
  • Record the video using Screen Recording, the built-in iPhone app.

  • Wait for the recording process to finish; the video will be saved on your device.
  • Please note that the process of removing watermarks may not always result in high-quality videos, and there are risks involved, including potential damage to the video's quality. Watermarks are used by video creators to protect their content from unauthorized use.

Before attempting to remove a watermark, consider the video's content and the potential impact on its quality. Additionally, if you intend to repost someone else's TikTok video, it's advisable to obtain permission from the owner to avoid copyright infringement.

These are some methods to remove the TikTok watermark without using additional applications. Keep in mind the potential risks and use these methods responsibly. For more interesting tips on technology and smartphones, you can explore: Tips and Tricks in Technology.