How to Create A YouTube Channel to Grow Your Brand and Make Money

How to Create A YouTube Channel to Grow Your Brand and Make Money

So many platforms have come and gone, but the momentum of YouTube has never declined. Creating your tribe on YouTube can be challenging when there are so many creators, but you can gain more views on your YouTube video if you play it right. Since it is not everyone’s cup of tea to buy YouTube subscribers or views, we’re with tips that can help your brand gain recognition organically. Additionally, employing brand management software can streamline your online presence, ensuring a cohesive and consistent brand image across your YouTube channel and other platforms. If you aim to grow your brand through YouTube marketing and make money, here is how you can create and customize your YouTube channel to maximize results.

Create an Account and Customize your Channel

For those who are starting from scratch, creating a Google account is a must to get started on YouTube. For existing Google account holders, creating a channel in your YouTube account page and inserting a name for your Brand Account is the way to get started. Once you’ve created your account, it’s time to customize your channel which includes Layout, Branding, and Other Info. Under these sections, creators get an opportunity to distinguish their channels by using distinctive and catchy icons, channel art, and descriptions. Make sure to insert information and graphics that are in alignment with your brand agenda and persona.

Enable Discoverability

After the configuration of your channel, it is necessary to make it noticeable to ensure a wider reach on YouTube with the need to buy YouTube subscribers. Make sure to optimize your description with SEO-enriched keywords to increase discoverability. Find trending keywords that are relevant to your industry and match your niche. Using SEO-enriched keywords isn’t just restricted to your channel description, but also your video titles, video descriptions, and video tags. This helps to make your videos more clickable, which can help to gain more views on your YouTube video. The next order of business is increasing discoverability by allowing your channel to appear in other users’ recommendations under the Channel Discovery section.

Post Quality Content Consistently

Once you’ve optimized your channel, it’s time to get started with your first YouTube video with many more to come! Tap on the Create button in the top right corner to get your content rolling. To increase your views without the necessity to buy YouTube subscribers, post high-quality content with eye-catching thumbnails. Since the thumbnail is the first thing to meet the viewers' eyes, make sure to use only high-contrast templates with an element of intrigue. Try to inculcate variety in your content strategy to attract viewers and increase engagement. Instead of directly asking your viewers to shop from you, soft-skill your products using tips, How-To’s, tutorials, collaborations, results, client testimonials, and more. If you don’t want to lose subscribers and decrease engagement, create a content calendar and consistently show up as per the schedule. 

Cross-Promote your YouTube Channel

The world won’t get alerted in dreams that you’ve posted a YouTube video, you have to put in the marketing efforts yourself! To make your business-centred videos reach a wide audience and gain more views on your YouTube video, cross-promoting it on different channels is a must. So don’t shy away from promoting your channel on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and your blog. You can also give teasers on social media before the final video is out creating your tribe on YouTube TV promo code can be challenging when there are so many creators. Similarly, mention your social media handles in your YouTube description and on-screen to spread awareness about your brand.

Study Analytics

Understanding your customers and their needs is an important aspect of delivering content and providing solutions to meet their demands. To understand your audience's behaviour and needs; YouTube analytics can provide key insights. You can know how your content is being watched, engagements, time duration, and what kind of content is liked or disliked. This can help in tailoring your videos to gain more views on your YouTube video and extend your reach to gain subscribers. So, turn your channel into everyone’s go-to destination as per your audience using YouTube Analytics. For more detailed reports, you can also leverage third-party tools wherein you can buy YouTube subscribers, auto-schedule videos, find trending keywords, do a competitor analysis, and much more. 

Try YouTube Adevrtising

Attempts to gain more views on your YouTube video organically can seem to go in vain if you want to see fast results. To monetize your business faster, it is suggested to invest in YouTube Advertising to further your reach and gain views and subscribers faster. There are 4 types of ads that you can choose from, depending on your agenda and budget: Skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, video discovery ads, and non-video ads in the form of banners and overlays. You can define your campaign parameters, target your audience, and let your campaign go live. Make sure to add a strong and compelling CTA for higher ROI.


Video marketing has gained prominence lately since people prefer to watch and download YouTube videos instead of reading. From generating leads to establishing a brand identity, from increasing sales to studying audience; you can use YouTube for countless benefits to gain more views on your YouTube video and grow your brand. Besides the organic efforts, you always have the option to buy YouTube subscribers and expand your reach. However, using these tips can make a huge impact and help you grow your brand. So, try these out and come back to our space for more content.