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With the new SEO techniques, businesses are becoming more strategic to gain visibility in search engines. However, the buzzing SEO strategy discussion has made something as simple as often overlooked, that is, proper language use. Although it appears obvious, such a strong focus on strategy has resulted in people paying less attention to basic principles such as grammatically correct web content. In fact, the correct use of grammar must be integrated into your SEO strategy in order to be truly successful in your efforts.

Do Grammar Checker Tools are Really Worthy?

Undeniably, Yes!

Type "grammar check" on Google and see how many tools you find surfing on the internet. That means, these tools are not useless and there is something that makes online grammar checker tools popular among freelance writers, webmasters, and SEOs persons. The reason is, SEO has minimum 200+ factors including, grammar, readability, keywords density, HTML headings, and quality information in the article.

How Grammar is integrated with SEO?

  • Give your readers a clear message

Your audience will find it harder to understand your message if grammar errors occur throughout your writing. The message may not be "wrong" itself, but improper use of language can make your content difficult to read and understand. Correct grammar means better readability, resulting in transmitting your message as intended.

  • Make your message the focus of your attention

Grammatical errors can also be very distracting when an article is being read by a person. You want it to be about your message when people discuss the content of your post, not your grammar. Your readers are seamless and unaware of good grammar; instead, it is effective in highlighting the quality of your ideas.

  • Consider the experience with the user

An SEO strategy is based on making your content visible and attracting users to your website. A basic part of this is based on experience with the user. Correct use of grammar greatly improves your website's overall experience for users.

  • Know that search engines are sensitive to grammar

Error-free content in search engines has a better likelihood of ranking. Not only do you want your audience to understand your message, but you also want your content to be read easily by Google. Many people do not know that search engines are actually sensitive to grammar errors and that search engine results will have a negative impact on your ranking.

While language usage alone is not a ranking factor, search engines do read your web content to see what it is about. Good grammar use makes it easier for search engines to read your text and gives them a better ability to capture the message behind your content. As a result, your content can be ranked for the right keyword phrases.

  • Get backlinks for higher DA PA

We've discussed audience and search engines, but it's also important to remember how your content looks to websites and influencers from other authorities. Authority websites will only give a backlink to your website as a powerful online influence if the writing quality meets their quality and accuracy standards. The more authority a website has, the more convincing it will be when proofreading.Here are some popular DA PA checker that you can use to check the authority of a website:

Is our Grammar Checker Only Compatible for Webmasters?

The answer is "NO".

Our grammar checker is not limited to only Google standards, but it also complies with all formal and informal standard of the English language. Hence, our English corrector stands out among all online grammar checkers when it comes to proofreading, sentence checker, and punctuation checker.

University students, teachers, researchers, and webmasters can use our grammar checker free for unlimited time without spending even a penny. We provide free grammar checker because we believe "learning should have no limitations." You are a native or non-native English writer, our sentence checker with spelling check algorithm, corrects grammatical errors with one click.

Students: Check your assignments, papers, and essays before final submission to your supervisor. Better grammar leads to better grades. Do not only rely on grammar checker for A+ grades but also check plagiarism in your paper as well to impress your teachers by using free plagiarism checker.

Teachers: Check the submitted assignments in our grammar checker instead of manually checking. Our online grammar checker can save your time and can be used for multiple English dialects i.e., American, British, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

If you are more specific about the spelling mistakes of your students and want to highlight spelling errors, you can use spell checker for this sole purpose.

Webmasters: Check the article before indexing making live on search engines because updated Google crawlers know the grammar and readability score of your paper. Do not know how to check the readability of your article? Calm down! We have a solution for it too. Get your hands on our readability checker for free and find the readability score, keyword density, text statics, and content statics.