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Paraphrasing Tool

If you are a blogger, content writer or an SEO expert, you often have to face the need for unique and beautifully written content that can focus and enhance your product or service’s online presence. It might be challenging to achieve this by composing yourself or hiring several writers as it will take a lot of time and money on your hands. Many bloggers, webmasters, and online marketers want the results of the search engine to make their online presence high, but the question is how?

To achieve higher ranking, you should always prioritize unique and well-versed content.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing expresses an idea or a piece of writing that already exists but to rewrite in your own words. For example, when you tell the news or write the story in your own words after watching the news or reading a novel, it’s called paraphrasing. Paraphrasing tool is used for rewriting or paraphrasing original content into different words and writing style. However, you must bear in mind that the central concept or the theme should remain the same when paraphrasing.

Why you should use our online paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrase tool is an online paraphrasing sentence rephraser that you can use to save time and money. So if you're someone who regularly needs content but finds it hard to keep up with the pace, then you know what to do now. Yes, you need to copy paste the content in the text box of paraphrasing tool and click on “”Paraphrase”.

Paraphrasing tool suggests the best substitutes for all the words and phrases it scans to be replaceable with its vast library of synonyms. For your convenience, the words will be replaced with appropriate synonyms and highlighted.

Our free paraphrasing tool will paraphrase the content within a few seconds. The content will become unique, readable, and worth sharing online. If you find doubt of plagiarized content, you can check the rewritten content on plagiarism checker.

Use our free spinner tool for items and save all the trouble!

Copying and pasting is considered to be very bad in writing, leading to plagiarism. It is really necessary to change the content in terms of paraphrasing so that it does not appear to be copied from another source. Also, so that the content search system of the search engine cannot find plagiarism and charge the copy-paster for not having unique content on the website. Not having original content on the site affects the site's SEO ratings and therefore the site's digital marketing aspect.

How does the paraphrasing tool work?

Our paraphrasing tool will scan the given text thoroughly, finding the words or phrases it can replace with suitable replacements. All the words replaced are highlighted in a colorful text and are bold. Click on the word to see the word details, including suggestions and the original word as well as an option to add your own synonym.

Our best article online rewriter uses more than 500,000 synonyms in its database, allowing its free article spinner engine to suggest the user with the best replacement that fits in the context.

Even though it remains the user's duty to see whether the word replaced by our free article, rewriter depends on the context in which the content was written. You can click on the original word from the drop-down box to return to the original word after selecting a replacement suggestion.

Does Academic Writing Require paraphrasing Tool?

Academic Papers College and university students need to work on a large number of academic papers and essays, and it takes a lot of time and attention to write original material. With so many classes to attend and so many essays to write, students are usually assisted by their seniors who have taken similar classes and are trying to emulate their own work.

That's why academic writing requires paraphrasing, and that's where our free paraphrasing tools come in. Every student also does not have good writing skills and would therefore need help in writing term papers or other writing tasks. You can leave the difficult part of the tasks on our online tool with free sentence rephrasing tool online.

Advantages of using the paraphrasing tool

Here are some of the advantages of using the paraphrasing tool:

  • Paraphrasing tool is fast and can rephrase thousands of words in seconds.
  • The task that can take hours to complete if written manually, can be composed in seconds using paraphrasing online tool.
  • Free paraphrasing tool is effective. It is dedicated to paraphrasing the content, picking up words smartly and changing them with relevant synonyms.
  • Softo paraphrasing tool can be accessed free of charge. It saves a lot of money that a professional writer might charge you to rewrite something for you.

Paraphrasing – For All

Softo paraphrase tool is designed to satisfy any subject or style requirements. It is also a perfect solution for people who don't have a lot of time and money. All you need to do is simply insert the text into the field and look through the paraphrasing suggested synonyms. Isn’t it a piece of cake? It can also help you enrich your vocabulary and provide some ideas on how to paraphrase your own paper.

Is Using Paraphrase Tool Need Professional Help?

No. Our tool is designed for all categories i.e., for beginners, students, teachers, and professional freelance writer. However, sometimes it may seem a little tricky to use a paraphrasing tool, especially if you don't know how to use it correctly. Therefore, it is always advisable to use it carefully. It works as a double-edged sword that, if you are not careful enough, can fail and do more harm than good.

Is paraphrasing tool completely free?

Yes, Softo online paraphrasing tool is 100% free. No sign-up, no sign-in, and no registration. Anyone can use our best tool for paraphrasing. We bet you won't find another free paraphrasing online tool to create better content than our paraphraser.