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DA PA Checker

Softo’s domain authority checker calculates the domain authority efficiently; it will tell you how well a website performs in search engines.

We combine your domain's authority with other metrics such as the total number of links and Page Authority to determine how powerful your website is.

DA PA checker has adopted advanced algorithms of Moz that use around 40 different factors to calculate da pa of a website. For example, you can check DA PA; the authority is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 points.

What is Domain Authority?

As stated by MOZ: Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to greater likelihood of ranking.

How does our Domain Authority Checker work?

This website DA checker, as the name suggests, checks your website DA score automatically. It gives your DA score to predict your current website performance and change your SEO strategy accordingly.


Like every accurate Moz Domain score checker, this tool considers almost 40 factors related to a website ranking. The most important of them is no. of linking root domains, no. of backlinks, and others about the linking profile of a website.


It is based on machine learning algorithms that check the frequency of your website URL appearing in the Google research results.


You can check the DA of your URLs through this tool but keep in mind that this DA PA checker tool gives a DA score in the competitive environment. If you have a DA score of suppose 40 and your competitor scored 41, your DA is low, otherwise high.


So, you do not have to work hard to reach your domain authority score near any arbitrary number. Your DA score is relative and to be seen in a competitive landscape.


Hence, this website authority checker cannot tell whether your website is good or bad; instead, it gives a score that rates you in the competition of ranking among various domains.

How to use our Bulk Domain Authority Checker?

Softo’s bulk DA checker tool is a simple one so you can use it easily by performing a few steps.

  1. Enter the URL into the input box. You can add 20 URLs at a time to check the DA PA of these websites.
  2. Select the option, “exclude the same URL” to get page authority of separate web pages. Moreover, if you select “exclude same domain” you will get a domain authority score of separate domains or websites.
  3. Click on “Check Authority” to get domain and page authority using this page authority checker.
  4. After getting the result through this domain checker tool, click on “download excel report” to get a detailed report.

Key benefits of using our DA PA Checker:

Our Moz domain authority checker is one of the best tools to check DA or PA. Apart from checking DA scores, it provides plenty of benefits:

  • Unlike other checkers, this tool gives you quick results of up to 20 URLs in seconds.
  • It is developed from Moz premium APIs, so its result is bound to be accurate and up to the mark.
  • After using our DA checker to get scores, you can make proper changes to your SEO strategies to rank higher.
  • You can quickly know where your competitor is standing, and you can analyze their position through our bulk DA PA checker.
  • As there exists a correlation between ranking and domain authority, so by using our tool, you can get an idea of your URL’s ranking.
  • You can also use our pa da checker to check the doamin authority in different languages like this.

Features of PA DA Checker:

We recommend you use this domain checker tool to enjoy the exquisite features of this tool. Because it not only checks DA But, also provides added results that make this tool a class apart from other Moz DA PA checkers.

  • Bulk domain checking:

The reason why this tool is considered the best is its bulk checking of URLs. So, you can use this tool when you have to compare different websites' ranking status and get useful insights from it.

Our free domain authority checker finds DA of many websites in one go. However, Moz rank tracker checks the DA of one domain per search. Therefore, our rank checker gives the domain score of 20 websites at once.

  • Gives Page authority:

Our bulk DA and PA checker checks page authority score of a particular webpage. It entails how easy it is for a web page to rank on Google. Our Page rank checker finds up to 20 pages rank at once.

  • Gives Spam score:

Not only it is known to check domain authority, but it also gives a series of other metrics. These stats of a website are very necessary to understand its performance and its probable ranking on SERPs.

These factors are

  1. Page authority score
  2. Moz rank
  3. Index pages

Moreover, it also tells the spam score of a website therefore it is called a spam score checker.

The spam score is an important factor in understanding the penalized or banned websites. For example, Moz has given 27 signals related to spam scores.

Our PA Da checker not only checks domain authority but also provides spam scores of respective websites.

  • Gives indexed pages:

This website authority checker gives the total searchable pages of a domain. In addition, it provides the web pages that are indexed by Google.

  • Accurate results:

This Moz domain authority checker is best known among bloggers and webmasters for its precise results. Our tool is well known for its credibility and error-free checking because it uses the best Moz premium APIs.

  • Free of cost:

Our Bulk DA PA checker does not demand any credit card registration. Therefore, it is one of the best tools in the market.

To check the DA of a website, you can enter the website domain inside the tool and get the results for free. Hence, this website authority checker is free to use.

  • Download report option:

Unlike common checking tools, it provides you a detailed report in excel format once you have checked the URLs completely.

You can download your report after clicking on the download excel report button. It gets saved in your device.

What's a good score for the domain authority?

Ok, many people ask this question, and there's no magic number here. It all depends on you being able to compete with a 20 DA Score. 

But a DA 50 Score might not even be enough if you compete with big brands and highly competitive keywords.

So first, list your organic search competitors in order to answer this question. Then, add them to the bulk Domain rank Checker.

The free bulk domain authority checker gives you a good indication of how you are stacking up with your competitors.

 Domain Authority Level
 0-10 Worst
 10-30 Bad
 30-40 Acceptable
 40-50 Average
 50-60 Good
 60-90 Excellent
 90-100 Ideal

How you can improve your Domain authority score?

  • Register domain name for 4-5 years:

It is the easiest thing to influence your domain ranking. "Days to expire" is, in fact, a decisive factor in setting up a good website. It indicates to the search engines that these long-lasting websites are trustworthy.

So, extending your domain for the next 3 to 4 years is in your interest. It will cost you only a few more dollars, but it will be helpful to you in the long run. We can also track the Domain age and Expiry date using Bulk Domain age Checker.

  • Get more backlinks to your site:

It is one factor that has the most significant impact on your DA score.

Therefore, you should try to earn as many backlinks as possible. Make sure the links are from quality sites, however:

  • Don't go to purchase backlinks. Google can give you a penalty. Instead, you can use a backlinks generator to increase da pa score.
  • Neither should you obtain links from websites of low quality. It is going to cause more harm than good. You should instead try to get quality links from a variety of sources.
  • It includes getting links from different geo-locations and different non-interconnected domain extensions. You should make sure the links are high-quality and relevant.
  • You should also build within your website a powerful linking structure. Each post on your blog should be linked to 2-3 other posts.
  • Go back and link from your older posts when you post a new post. It will help you gain the connection between the old and the recent juice posts.
  • Remove Bad Links:

Any bad links pointing to your site should be watched and removed. You can even use a backlink monitoring service to get notifications by email.

Whenever you find your sites bad links, get them removed immediately. To ignore these links, you can use the Google Disavow tool.

  • Improve On-page SEO for Higher DA PA

As we move from keyword placement to more professional targeted techniques, it is pretty easy to incorporate such concepts into our content. 

  • First of all, do keyword research. At the end of the search box, your goal is to find a connection between your content and the keywords that people type.
  • Also, avoid keyword stuffing in the content. Adding keywords and synonyms does not mean you have to fill up your entire content with keywords.
  • Instead, keyword density matters a lot. So, before your content goes live, make sure the keywords density is less than 1%. To do that, use a keyword density checker.
  • Take your time to explore your topic and think more from their point of view.
  • Write grammar error-free content. Most bloggers think it's fine to write in an improper way publish their content without proofreading.
  • Make sure it's not the case for your blog. Always check grammar and proofread. If you can't do it manually, use a grammar checker to do so.
  • Come up with a unique idea. The uniqueness of the article is of utmost importance. In other words, the content should be plagiarism-free.

Most of the time, bloggers want to write or find highly related articles on others' blogs. Due to the copyrights issue, they can't add it to their blog.

Well, we have a solution for it. Article rewriter and free paraphrasing tool can help you in rewriting the same article.

After paraphrasing, you can check plagiarism on plagiarism checker to make sure the new content is original.

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