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To use this Online Spell Check,Paste text into the text box below and click on Check Spell. Click the highlighted words or phrases to see the suggestions and to correct the errors.


Spell Checker

If you are working on an academic paper, blog or any other writing form, the content submitted should not have spelling errors. Consider that you have submitted the finest academic paper in terms of research but spelling mistakes have not been removed. Academic papers go through rigorous checking and a good grade is awarded only if the submission is error free in every area.

Content with spelling mistakes looks unprofessional. In case of an academic paper, the student would face serious penalties. Writing submissions have tight deadlines whether it is a research submission for college or blog writing. Having a quality spell checker saves immense time and the user can focus on other important tasks. A blogger can use this tool and eliminate all worries about spelling issues. Moreover, Grammar Checker, Article Rewriter and Plagiarism Checker are other tools that can be proved helpful in writing for writers and students.

A high standard free spell checker

Most free tools are not trustworthy. Hence, preferring free tools and not focusing on quality is a big mistake. This spell checker is free and meets the highest quality requirements. All kinds of spelling issues are highlighted by it. Whether you have skipped a letter or used the wrong one, the error would be shown to you. In terms of accuracy, it is one of the finest options you can find.

Online usage without the need of installations

Installations consume a lot of time even if you are well aware of the setup steps. If you do not have complete knowledge about it, further time would be needed. This spell checker is used online which means that no files have to be downloaded or installed. It is a quick tool which means that the content would be scanned within no time.

  • Spending money on paid tools is a big concern for users. At times, even if you get your hands on a quality free tool, it offers cost free usage for a very small span of time. This spell checker does not have such an issue. The tool can be used for free and there are no time limitations.

Procedure of usage and core steps

The simplicity of this tool is one of the key reasons why users prefer it.

  • There is a text box in which the user has to paste the content. You can also upload it in the form of a file which can be in PDF, DOC or TXT format. Along with that, you can select your language and its origin from the drop down menus. For instance, if the content is in US English, select “English” in the language drop down menu and “US” in the “origin”. Once you have entered these inputs, click the “check spell” button.

This tool is recommended if you perform an English spell check or in any other language.

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