Server Status Checker

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Check Server Status

Server Status Checker

If you are a website owner, you would always aim at retaining proper functionality of the server. If the server has any issues, people would not be able to access your website. If you do not have a technical background, it would be hard to check the settings because several technical commands are needed. Non-technical users are usually not aware of such commands. Our tool can surely help you with these tasks. It is a dependable option to determine the server settings of any website.

Know the server settings of any domain

This tool does not help website owners only. At times, when you are browsing your favorite website, there are some technical issues. This is when you need to check the server settings. In a lot of cases, the website is redirected to which the accessibility becomes slower. This is a quality tool through which you can check the server settings of any domain. Here is how you can use this tool.

  1. Enter the domain address

The first text box is for the website domain. Here, you need to enter the address of the websites for which the server settings have to be checked.  After that, click the button “check server status” for getting the results. The output would be produced in the text box given below.

  1. HTTP code and server status

The out produced by this tool is divided into two columns. One of them is the HTTP code and the other is the server settings. For instance, if the server of the website has been moved, the code 301 would be shown. This simply means that the user is being redirection to another server for website accessibility. As a user, this information can help you to determine the reason for facing technical problems.

An online tool without any charges

Quality tools are hard to find. In addition to that, the task becomes even harder if you are seeking a free option. The quality of this server status tool is impeccable. You can rely on the produced server status. Other than that, you do not have to opt for paid alternatives after using it once or twice. This is the issue with most free tools. After a short span of time, the user has to spend money and purchase a paid version. Our server status tool is completely free without any conditions being attached.

  • These days, people do not prefer downloading setup files and going through installations. People are more comfortable with online tools which are easier to use do not require any downloads.

Simple interface and fast outputs

There is no point in using a tool if you have to wait for long to get the outputs. If you are using this server status tool, this problem would not take place. It is an easy tool and anyone can use it. All you have to do is enter the URL address of the required website. As soon as you click the calculate button, the server status would be displayed on your screen.

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