AccessLink: Our Review of the €10 Netlinking Platform

AccessLink: Our Review of the €10 Netlinking Platform

In today's digital landscape, where search engine optimization (SEO) reigns supreme, having a robust netlinking strategy is crucial for any website aiming to rank higher and drive organic traffic. Enter AccessLink, a game-changing netlinking platform that promises to simplify the process while delivering exceptional results. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the intricacies of this innovative solution, exploring its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks, to help you determine if it's the right fit for your online endeavors.

In Brief

AccessLink stands out as a user-friendly, cost-effective netlinking platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. With backlinks starting at a mere €10 each, it offers an affordable solution for those seeking to boost their website's visibility and authority. The platform's streamlined approach, coupled with its diverse range of features, makes it an attractive choice for bloggers, digital marketers, and SEO enthusiasts alike.

What is AccessLink?

AccessLink is a netlinking platform developed by LAVISIBILITE.COM, a renowned SEO agency spearheaded by Olivier Barberis-Negra, an industry expert. The platform's primary objective is to assist website owners in generating organic traffic and enhancing their PageRank through simplified link building strategies. By leveraging AccessLink's intuitive interface and advanced features, users can effortlessly navigate the often-complex world of netlinking while effectively circumventing Google's Penguin filter.

One of AccessLink's standout features is its financial accessibility. With backlinks starting at a mere €5 each, the platform caters to a wide range of budgets, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, AccessLink prides itself on its rapid execution, with orders typically delivered within 48 hours. The platform's simplified order management system and intuitive dashboard for analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) make it a versatile solution for diverse SEO needs.

Key Features for Optimal Netlinking

AccessLink boasts a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline and optimize your netlinking efforts. Here are some of the platform's standout capabilities:

  • Simplified or Advanced Order Management: Whether you're a seasoned SEO professional or a newcomer to the field, AccessLink offers the flexibility to choose between simplified or advanced order management. The simplified option allows you to place orders quickly without getting bogged down by complex settings, while the advanced mode provides granular control over your netlinking campaigns, with specific parameters for each link.
  • Project Organization: This feature enables you to create "projects" to organize your various netlinking strategies. Each project can contain a specific set of backlinks, articles, and parameters, facilitating easy tracking and management of your netlinking efforts. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of different strategies by comparing the performance of each project.
  • KPI Analysis Graphs: AccessLink provides analytical tools in the form of graphs to help you monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your netlinking strategy. These graphs can include data such as the number of backlinks created, generated traffic, and other crucial metrics. Having quick access to this information empowers you to make informed decisions and adjust or improve your strategy accordingly.
  • Affiliate Program: AccessLink offers an affiliate program that allows you to generate passive income by recommending the platform to others. Whenever a user signs up and makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you receive a commission.
  • Link Topic, URL, and Publish Date Specification: This feature enables you to specify various parameters for each backlink you wish to create. You can choose the topic of the site where the link will be placed, ensuring relevance. Additionally, you can specify the destination URL to which the backlink will point. Finally, you can set the publication date, giving you complete control over when the link goes live.
  • Multilingual Backlinks: AccessLink offers the ability to create backlinks in multiple languages, including French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. This feature is invaluable for businesses or individuals operating in multiple markets or targeting a multilingual audience.
  • Customizable Anchor Text: The platform allows for advanced customization of your link anchor text. You can opt for generic anchors like "read more" or "learn more," which are less optimized for SEO but may encourage clicks. Alternatively, you can use URL anchors, which are simply the bare URL of your site. Finally, you have the option to optimize your anchor text by incorporating specific keywords, a crucial aspect of SEO as a well-optimized anchor can significantly improve your site's relevance and authority.
  • 650+ Word Articles Included: Each backlink purchased on AccessLink comes with an article of at least 650 words. This means you not only receive a link but also high-quality content that can add value to your site or blog.
  • Article Scheduling: The article scheduling feature allows you to pre-determine when your articles and backlinks will be published. This is particularly useful for long-term netlinking strategies where timing can be crucial.

The Benefits of AccessLink

Utilizing AccessLink for your netlinking efforts offers numerous advantages:

  • Unbeatable Pricing Starting at Just €10 per Link: AccessLink's pricing structure is incredibly competitive, with backlinks starting at a mere €10 each. This makes it an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Access to a Network of Over 4,000 Websites: With AccessLink, you gain access to a vast network of over 4,000 websites, providing ample opportunities for diversified and relevant backlinks.
  • Included 650-Word Article Writing: Each backlink order includes a 650-word article written by AccessLink's team, ensuring you receive not just a link but also valuable content.
  • Customizable Anchor Text: AccessLink allows you to personalize the anchor text for your backlinks, enabling you to optimize for specific keywords and improve your site's relevance.
  • Rapid Turnaround Time: On average, AccessLink delivers orders within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring a swift and efficient process.
  • Multilingual Support: With the ability to order backlinks in both French and English, AccessLink caters to businesses operating in multiple language markets.
  • Quick SEO Metric Boosts: AccessLink provides an excellent means to rapidly improve your SEO metrics, such as domain authority and trust flow, at a minimal cost.

Thanks to these numerous advantages, AccessLink emerges as an economical and effective netlinking solution. While the quality of the sites may not be exceptional, the value-for-money proposition is unbeatable.

The Drawbacks of AccessLink

While AccessLink offers numerous benefits, it's essential to acknowledge some of its limitations:

  • Average Site Quality: The sites offered through AccessLink are of average quality, meaning they are not ultra-niche, high-quality sites.
  • Limited Site Selection: You cannot precisely choose the source site on which your backlink will be placed.
  • Limited Network Size for Large-Scale Strategies: AccessLink's website network, while substantial, may be limited for large-scale netlinking strategies.
  • French Site Majority: The majority of sites in AccessLink's network are in French, with a more limited offering in English.

These limitations are the trade-off for such an economical solution. While the quality may not be exceptional, AccessLink remains an attractive option due to its low pricing and ease of use.

Affordable Pricing for Any Budget

One of AccessLink's standout features is its affordable pricing structure, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Backlinks start at just €6.5 each, and the platform frequently offers enticing promotional deals, such as discounts during Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day. For new users, a special offer is available, with the cost of the first article reduced to €2.

Link Type


Standard Backlink


Thematic Backlink


Special Offer for New Users

€2 for the first article

Thanks to these affordable prices and regular promotional offers, AccessLink proves to be an ideal solution for small budgets while offering remarkable service quality.

Who Should Use AccessLink?

AccessLink caters to a wide range of users, from bloggers and digital marketing agencies to businesses of all sizes. Here are some profiles that can benefit from this platform:

  • Bloggers and Content Creators: Those seeking to increase the visibility of their online content can use AccessLink to obtain high-quality backlinks.
  • Multilingual Businesses: With support for multiple languages such as French, English, Spanish, Italian, and German, businesses operating in multiple countries can benefit from this platform.
  • Digital Marketing Agencies: Agencies managing SEO campaigns for multiple clients can use AccessLink to organize and execute effective netlinking strategies.
  • SEO Beginners: With features like simplified order management and a discovery offer for the first article, even SEO novices can start using this platform without difficulty.
  • Professionals Seeking Passive Income: AccessLink's affiliate program allows users to earn commissions by recommending the platform, providing a potential source of passive income.

Regardless of your situation, AccessLink offers tailored solutions to boost your netlinking strategy and improve your online visibility.

When to Use AccessLink

We recommend using AccessLink in the following scenarios:

  • Low-Budget Link Building Campaigns: AccessLink is ideal for obtaining backlinks quickly without breaking the bank, making it perfect for small-budget netlinking campaigns.
  • Diversifying Link Sources: AccessLink can complement other backlink sources, helping you diversify your inbound links.
  • Small to Medium-Sized Websites: For websites of small or medium size that do not require tier-1 sources, AccessLink is a suitable choice.
  • Quick SEO Boosts: AccessLink can rapidly boost certain sites and improve their SEO metrics.
  • Tier-2 Link Building Campaigns: AccessLink is well-suited for tier-2 netlinking campaigns, reinforcing existing tier-1 backlinks.

AccessLink is perfectly adapted for small budgets and limited needs. For larger projects, you may need to explore more high-quality backlink sources.

Why Use AccessLink?

There are numerous compelling reasons to use AccessLink for your netlinking needs:

  • Rapidly Improve SEO Metrics at a Low Cost: AccessLink allows you to quickly and affordably improve the SEO metrics of your sites, such as referring domains and trust flow.
  • Obtain Additional Backlinks: AccessLink provides an easy way to acquire extra backlinks to boost your organic rankings.
  • Diversify Backlink Sources: By using AccessLink, you can diversify your backlink sources, reducing the risk of penalties.
  • Boost Strategic Sites or Pages: AccessLink can be used to temporarily boost specific strategic sites or pages.
  • Tier-2 Link Building: AccessLink is well-suited for tier-2 link building campaigns, reinforcing your existing backlinks.
  • Test New Sites or Recently Acquired Expired Domains: AccessLink allows you to quickly test new sites or recently acquired expired domains.

Thanks to the simplicity of the service and the low prices offered, AccessLink provides an accessible way to obtain additional backlinks and improve the SEO of your websites.

How to Use AccessLink

Using AccessLink is straightforward. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Choose your order options (URL, anchor text, number of articles, scheduling, etc.).
  3. Make a secure payment of €10 per link.
  4. Receive your order, typically delivered within 24 to 48 hours.
  5. Monitor the effective indexing of the backlinks.

AccessLink also offers practical tools like CSV file ordering to automate netlinking campaigns. You can also precisely choose the type of anchor text desired for each backlink.

The process is simple, fast, and effective. With just a few clicks, you can order dozens of additional backlinks for your sites.

Our Take on AccessLink

In conclusion, what is our assessment of AccessLink? We believe it is an excellent, affordable netlinking platform, perfectly suited for small budgets and limited backlink needs.

While the quality of the source sites may not be exceptional, the value-for-money proposition is unbeatable. The SEO metrics are respectable and allow you to easily achieve concrete results in terms of organic rankings.

AccessLink is easy to use, quick to set up, and offers excellent customer service. It's our go-to platform when it comes to boosting websites at a minimal cost.

Of course, for larger projects, we recommend diversifying your sources with higher-quality backlinks. However, overall, we are fully satisfied with AccessLink for addressing specific small-scale netlinking needs.

Join the AccessLink Community

Convinced by the advantages of AccessLink? Don't hesitate any longer and join this growing community of satisfied users today. Whether you're an SEO expert or a newcomer, AccessLink provides the tools you need to boost your netlinking strategy and achieve your organic ranking goals.

Moreover, don't forget to take advantage of the affiliate program offered by AccessLink. By recommending the platform to others, you can generate passive income while sharing your SEO expertise. It's an opportunity not to be missed for diversifying your online revenue streams.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now on AccessLink and start building a winning netlinking strategy for your website!