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BMR Calculator

It is hard to find people who intentionally want to stay obese. Everyone wants to reduce fat and have an attractive body shape. To lose weight, the first thing which you need to focus on is burning calories. The loss of calories results in decreasing weight and body flab. Here, you have to pay attention to an important aspect.

Decreasing calories does not mean that you should not consume any during the whole day. It is not possible to complete physical tasks without having calories. In a nutshell, every individual needs a minimum count of calories to perform the tasks of the day. This minimum count of calories is called BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate). The value of BMR is not a flat figure which remains unchanged and static for all kinds of individuals.

Some core factors impacting BMR values

The BMR value varies from one individual to the other. A male of age 35 would not have the same BMR as a female of age 25. Thus, there are some factors which come into play when BMR is being determined. Here are some key factors effecting the value of BMR.

  1. Gender of an individual

The gender of an individual is an important component to determine the BMR. In other words, men and women have different physical structures so the BMR values vary as well.

  1. Physical activity level

How much fat can an individual reduce? This depends on the kinds of physical activities he follows on daily basis. For instance, some people have the sedentary level which means that they rarely exercise. Similarly, some people have a high sedentary level. These people exercise regularly to reduce the level of body flab. Thus, when the BMR value would be determined, this factor would be incorporated as well. Someone who does not workout properly finds it hard to lose weight.


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