Barthel Index for Activities of Daily Living (ADL)


Barthel Index

This type of index was created in order to better the clients with a long-lasting disability who were trying to be a part of recuperation. The patients are analyzed on the basis of how the person eats, toilets, baths, ambulates, etc.

What is Barthel Index Score?

The people get a score in numbers that are dependent upon their physical work needed to do tasks. The things are weighed on the basis of the sophisticated gauging of the developers. The person who gets a score of zero means that the patient is reliant on all the activities. However, getting a score of 100 would mean independence or not reliant on others.

For example, in case of assessment of the way the patient eats food. It will be analyzed if the patient is able to eat the food himself or herself. When the bread and butter are placed on the table in front of the patient. The patient must be able to spread the butter on the bread with the knife. If this is the case then it reflects independence. Otherwise, someone would need to apply the butter on the bread and the patient will only eat. This act refers to dependence.

Another important element that deserves 15 points is used to analyze the fact that moving from the wheelchair towards the bed is done alone by the patient or needs external help. The washing of hands, face, and combing hairs on his/her own is to be given 5 points. But, if someone else needs to assist the person in all of these activities then a 0 point will be awarded.

A patient who can take bath independently, rub the body himself or herself. This makes a person get 5 points. However, if the help is needed then the person gets a zero. The patient who can control his or her bladder the whole day shows a higher level of independence. But, if a pamper needs to be worn then that would mean dependence. The former gets 10 points and the latter earns a person 5 points.

All other activities from brushing teeth to wearing the shoes are analyzed. The highest score is 100, which describes the level of independence a person has. Moreover, a 0 point would suggest that the client is not able to fulfill the requirement of each stage.

Barthel Index Measuring Scale

This is a measuring scale which is used to check the incapacity or requirements in day-to-day chores in patients who have a problem of stroke. The following recommendations will be able to assist a layman to know about the use of the Barthel Index:

  1. The index guides the people about the activities of the patients but it does not suggest the patients about the activities.
  2. The index makes a person free and self-helping. The person will not be dependent upon others.
  3. The activities of the people must be evaluated with the help of the sources present. The people who are related to the patient are inquired about the important questions.
  4. The activities of the patients in the last 2 days are analyzed. In some cases, the activities of more than 2 days are also assessed.
  5. The medium groups infer that the patient provides more than half of the exertion.

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