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Small Text Generator

At times, written text has to be written in an unusual manner. When you are writing the names of chemical compounds, subscript or superscript has to be used. The challenge arises when you have to convert the standard text to subscript or superscript. Some people do attempt to select the required text and perform the conversion through manual methods. This can obviously be a tiring process. This small text generator is a commendable alternative for performing text conversions in a convenient and easy manner.

How is the conversion performed?

This tool is simple to use and all types of users adopt it without any hardships. Let us glance at the core steps and stages.

  1. There is a text box in which the input text has to be pasted. If you have the text already written in a source file, no need to write it again. Simply copy the text from that file and paste it in this box. The conversion happens in real time. As soon as you write the source text or paste it, the converted forms of small text, superscript and sub script would be shown under the respective headers on the right. There is no requirement of waiting for several minutes to view the output.
  1. The output comprises of three sections. You can view the text in small text, superscript and subscript forms. Along with that, the font sizes are also displayed at the bottom of the page.

A free tool with complete reliability

Most free tools have reliability problems. These issues are witnessed once the user starts using them. However, our small text generator does not carry any issues. To start with, it is completely free so you do not have to spend money. There is no mess of using a trial version and then opt for a paid one. All the options of this tool are cost free. You can use those innumerable times without any issue.

No technical expertise needed

Some small text generators are not simple to use. The user is expected to have enough technical knowledge to use them. In case of this tool, such requirement is not there. The options are very simple and anyone can use them comfortably. Once you have entered the input text, no other option has to be selected.

Perform conversions in quick time

It can prove to be very irritating when you are using a tool and it suddenly crashes or goes into a non-responsive mode. This happens when the tool has technical issues. With our tool, no such problems are experienced. The development has been done through technically sound platforms. Hence, the performance is amazingly impressive. Users do not face any inconveniences of the application crashing or not working according to expectations.

Core purposes of small text, superscript and sub script

If you have a look at small text, it is quite different as compared to the standard font used. This text is used for various purposes including promotional ones. For instance, you my create a product banner using small text.

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