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Age Calculator

The Softo Age Calculator is the tool you need if you want to measure your own or someone else’s age with pinpoint accuracy. However, it’s not just limited to calculating people’s age.

As the name suggests, it is used to calculate age, generally of anything or anyone. However, you cannot only measure your own age, you can also use it for your dog’s age, your car’s age and of anything.

In a lot of cases, an individual is required to submit his correct age up to that day. It is possible to count the age on your fingers but the option is tiring. Along with that, this alternative is prone to errors. Consider that you have applied in an organization and the maximum age for the post is 32 years as on the day of submission. Now, in such cases, counting the number of days, hours and minutes is not possible humanly.

Other than that, what is the point of taking so much trouble when you can use a high standard calculator and get accurate outputs. This age calculator is an ideal option for determining the age with complete accuracy. There is no need to count the age on your fingers and check whether the result is correct or not.

Why is it needed

People often wonder “how old am I!” or even “how many days old am I!” Well, you can have a rough estimate of the age of an object or a person if you know their date of manufacture and date of birth respectively. However, one can’t have a precise measurement of the data up to fractional accuracy.

We humans, unlike computers and calculators, are very bad at doing complex calculations and information processing in our minds especially ones involving numbers and the larger the computations, the larger the potential for human error.

Consider this, you apply for a job in a company that requires you to fill out a form where you have to mention your age with fractional precision including the number of days, hours and minutes in addition to years and months. Now you’d find yourself in the middle of a problem.

This is a special case where you know at what time you were born in addition to the date and day. Now calculating all the way from the date and time of your birth to the present day and time with each minute that you spend calculating it manually is only adding to your age.

This makes it nearly impossible to calculate your age manually. We developed this calculator exactly for reasons as such so that you can get the precise answer and that too, without taking more than 3 seconds or so.

How to use age calculator?

First we’d like to mention that to maximize user convenience, our tool is free to use and does not require user registration or subscription in any form. This calculator has been developed solely for the purpose of facilitating accurate birthday countdown.

Although there are other methods out there as well that you can use to calculate age with reasonable accuracy for instance, by using Excel’s DATEDIF and TODAY function and typescript language with and without MomentJS library.

However, those methods require certain level of technical knowledge of using MS Excel and certain programming skills for typescript. Our calculator on the other hand, stands out for its user friendliness and brutal accuracy. you won’t find the combination anywhere else.

Our Birthday Calculator is ridiculously easy to use and quick. With that said, let’s now move and explore the actual process. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below and get an accurate answer.

·       Input the date of birth of a person or date of manufacture of an object with day of the month, month and year.

·       Then optionally (For higher accuracy) input the exact time of inception of an object or the time of a person’s birth.

·       And then press ‘Calculate’ and you’re done.

Following the above steps, you’d get the output in less than 3 seconds that would outline your age in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. You can know how many years old you are, or how many months or hours or even minutes and seconds.

Look at an example to understand

To give you an idea, consider that a person was born on 27th of November 1999 at 4:00 PM.

Putting these inputs and calculating the age, we get the following result:

Years: 19 years 11 months 7 days

Months: 239 months 7 days

Days: 7281 Days

Hours: 174751 Hours 32 Minutes 3 Seconds

Minutes: 10485092 Minutes

Seconds: 629105523 Seconds

Additional Features

The chronological age calculator at softo has an additional advanced option which you can use to determine how old a person or an object would be at a particular date and time in the future given that the person’s date of birth or the object’s date of manufacture is provided for.

Staying true to its precision, the advanced option will calculate the age of the person or object at a given time in the future in the same fashion. This feature can be helpful to the students of mathematics in their assignments with such queries.

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