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Asthma is a common disease that is not incurable and it has a huge impact on a person’s life. The doctors now have an opinion that the first and foremost thing in order to cure and treat Asthma is information about the extent to which a patient has asthma. Only then the type of treatment will be determined by the medical experts and physicians.

An Asthma Control Test has been developed in order to treat those suffering from asthma. It has been tested on many of the patients suffering from it. The test gives the patients suffering from asthma and the doctors with the score which tells them about the level of disease and as a result they will be given treatment.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a persistent inflammatory problem of the air passages. It is one of those diseases which exist in many children. The number of children who suffer from it is 5,000, 000. However, adults are simultaneously affected.

The adults and children having asthma every year succumb to over 100 million days of restricted activity. Although science has advanced in the field of medicine, the days of restricted activity are increasing as well. The asthma calculator consists of 8 questions that assist the physicians in gauging if a person has asthma.

This test acts as a criterion created by National Institutes of Health for the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program.

What are the symptoms of Asthma?

There are some indications that should not be taken for granted and if someone has them he or she must visit a doctor.


Imagine a situation in which a person walks upstairs on the 1st floor but he or she is short of breath. Breathlessness is a situation when a person feels that his/her airways are jammed or blocked. It reflects that a person is having asthma. It is also the same as respiratory illness.


When the night time starts some people may start coughing. It is one of the indications of asthma.

What are the treatments of Asthma?

Many types of research have been carried out on Asthma which proves that it is not an incurable disease. The following are its treatments:


These are the medicines that are to be taken in the form of a group. The advantage of consuming these medicines is that they open the airways to and from the lungs.


Such medicines are also needed to be taken in the form of groups. They are required to treat allergies.

Characteristics of Asthma Calculator

One can calculate his or her asthma score in order to know about how medicines and various treatments are curing the disease. The test is appropriate for even the children of 12 years of age. The Calculator takes into consideration the level of indications that are irking a person and what advantages the medicines are providing to him or her. The asthma score is helpful in knowing if the medicine is beneficial for the person.

The Asthma Control Test is a sophisticated method to assist a person and his or her healthcare providers to know about the indications of asthma and how good it is being controlled. The following steps are considered in the process:

Level 1: A person is supposed to answer 5 questions present. Every question has 5 answers available from which one appropriate answer has to be selected.
Level 2: Once all the questions are answered, one is supposed to click on 'SUBMIT.'
Level 3: Then the test needs to be carried to a doctor or medical practitioner for consultation.

The website does not store the answers that a person has given. Only the person who gives the answers has access to it. For better assistance a person can have the test printed on an A4 size paper and then fill it manually. This test has been designed for people over 12 years of age. A child younger than 12 years of age has to take the Childhood Asthma Control Test.

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