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ALC Calculator

ALC (Absolute Lymphocyte Count) is used to determine the count of lymphocytes in the human body. What are lymphocytes? If you are not related to the medical industry, it is very much possible that you would not know about it. The immune system of the human body is responsible for protecting it against germs and health hazards. Lymphocytes are immunity cells which carry the responsibility of performing this task. They prevent the damages causes by all kinds of diseases.

For instance, consider an individual gets infected by jaundice. This disease effects the liver. Hence, if the count of lymphocytes is less than sufficient, the medical condition would worsen at a very rapid pace. These immune cells reside in the bone marrow.

Looking at categories of Lymphocytes

There are two categories of these immune cells. These are B-cells and T-cells. Each of them has a separate set of functions. Let us glance through some related details.

  • B-cells are responsible for construction of anti-bodies. Anti-bodies are cells which protect the body against foreign substances. In an overall manner, they B-cells are responsible for overall protection of the immune system.
  • T-cells are mainly responsible for eliminating infected cells mainly cancerous ones. This is done so that the healthy cells do not get killed. Along with that, they also play a role in protecting the immune system.


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