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Similar Pages Checker

Similar Page Checker tool enables users to check for a content duplicate. We know website owners and bloggers are trying to create as much as possible unique content, but the flow and ideas can be the same as with other websites. The content similarity must be at a minimum level to prevent search engines such as Google from filtering out. That's why we have developed a unique tool that can find similar sites.

Why does search engine act against similar webpages?

Special filters like similar page checker by search engines like Google on websites containing similar content were implemented to discourage similar content. This move was brought about by the rampant spam search engine where the same content is used by many websites to make them highly visible on the web. Search engines now use robots or also known as crawlers to filter out web pages that may contain similar content in order to stop this from happening and make Internet browsing more meaningful to the user.

How does our similar page checker work?

Our free Similar Page Checker online allows the user to know the similarity percentage between two web pages. The search engine cannot penalize a Website by a certain percentage of similarity; however, we must always seek as possible a low level of page similarity.

For websites that contain similar or duplicate content, search engines such as Google could take action or give penalty to remove plagiarized content from the entire website. That's the reason why your content is important. When writing content always make sure it’s plagiarism free and check on plagiarism checker to avoid any mishap in near future.

Although it’s hard to come up always with a new idea and to write a genuine piece of writing, you can try online article rewriter or paraphrasing tool to make the content plagiarism free.

How does it work?

Similar page checker checks websites containing duplicate or similar content. Simply, put the URLs of two websites you want to check similarity, our free similar page checker will provide detailed results with, title meta description, keywords, and similar content.

Simply put, this tool enables you to determine the similarity percentage between two pages in detail.

How much similarity between two webpages matter?

The exact percentage of similarity for consequence with a search engine may vary from search engine to search engine. However, your goal should be to keep your page similarity as low as possible.

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