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Depression Test

It is very common around us that the people are sad, or gloomy. They do not want to engage in daily activities. Everyone sees these kind people around them who are not able to laugh or smile because a tragedy took over them. Consequently, they cannot mingle with the people. They become conspicuous when they cannot behave like others. This feeling of sadness restricts them from concentrating on the daily chores of life. People are familiar with such type of situations. It is the feeling of depression. Depression puts a halt on personal growth. A human being is not able to grow and prosper in various fields of life.

As the world is becoming modern, such psychological diseases are catching a fast pace. The scientists discuss these things and the huge sum of money is pooled in the research of feelings related to depression. For example, there is an organization called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which claims that around 7% of people above the age of 12 succumb to depression in two-weeks on an average basis. This is thought-provoking, and it requires attention to be paid by the people. It should stringently not be ignored.

Similarly, the World Health Organization engages in Research and Development. As a result of which that organization has come up to the conclusion that depression is a very common type of ailment that has overtime resulted in havoc in the lives of many people. It has resulted in the death of many renowned personalities as well, including, Robin Williams. WHO has informed that around 350 million people become patients of depression internationally.

What are the characteristics of depression?

It is very important to understand the details of depression. It may happen that a very close relative to someone or a friend may become a patient to depression.

  1. Compared to males, females become more prone to the feeling of Depression. To prove the case, one can have a look at the famous female film and television celebrities who start consuming drugs as a way of getting out of depression.
  2. The sudden event of sadness, such as the death of a friend, relative, family member, etc. or failure in exam, getting a job are a few causes of depression these days.
  3. The basic things, such as food, sex, shelter are not able to give the depressed person happiness. In all such scenarios, the feelings of a patient of depression are unchanged or slightly changed.
  4. Even now, medical science has not been able to properly decipher the reasons for succumbing to depression. There is an umpteen number of factors involved in it which include the hereditary, genetic, environmental, social and psychological factors of depression.

Are there any tests of depression?

Yes, there are tests of depression. It is basically a disorder of mood. It reflects a bad mood, feeling blue or feeling gloomy. The feeling of depression disables a person from showing interest in things. This leads to experiencing constant problems. The problem is usually so grave that it does not pass easily. It sticks with the person. There are different kinds of it. In some cases, it may be of six months or a few months more than that. But, in some cases, it may be of years.

This disease is not an incurable disease. A person may be suffering from it. Otherwise, if a relative or friend of someone is suffering from it then the first and foremost thing which a person should do is to consult a doctor. It is better a general physician is not contacted directly. A psychologist or psychiatrist should be contacted first. They are the people who are the most authentic and correct sources.

Imagine a situation in which a crime has been committed. The case is reported to the police and then the department with the help of their detectives and agents they try to find the culprit behind the crime. The police ask a person the likely possibilities of the crime. Similarly, they inquire about the people who seem to be related to the victim of the crime. All such information is needed to find out about the criminal or criminals.

It was just a generic example given in order to explain the importance of taking help from an expert. The experts are able to help the people in letting know the history, present and future possibilities of the depression. The psychologists inquire about relatives and ancestors who are having the same kind of disease. They also ask about the events which happened in the patient’s life in the retrospective in order to gauge the causes of depression. On the basis of it, the medicines are given to the person. The inquiry would be verbal and as well as physical. This is how effective treatment is decided.

The doctors have designed the questionnaires which are given to the patients to inquire about the questions. It helps the psychologists and psychiatrists to analyze the level of the disease. It can be extreme or on a beginner level. There is a scale which is called Hamilton depression rating scale, it includes, 21 questions, once the answers have been given by the patients they result in the details about the level of depression. It tells the extremity or the severity of the situation as well. This type of scale is very famous internationally. It is used by many doctors and medical experts internationally.

What is not to be considered as a depression?

The disease of depression is not the same as mood swings, it is different from that. The change and transformation of mood are related to a normal part of life. The Short-term change of feelings is very different from depression as it constitutes long-term change in feelings.

For example, a death or any problem caused to someone due to unforeseen circumstances may make a person sad. But, this feeling changes in a few days or a few months’ time. However, if it is a catalyst for long-term sadness or sadness that does not end is to be considered as depression. In the field of psychology the death of a close relative, friend is called complicated bereavement.

What are the indications of depression?

The indications and symptoms of depression are as follows:

  1. A person is always in a depressed mood and is feeling blue,
  2. The normal happiness of life does not excite a person,
  3. A person cannot eat properly. He or she does not feel the hunger,
  4. The weight of some people start shrinking without exercising,
  5. A person cannot sleep, this feeling is called insomnia,
  6. A person may oversleep, which is called hypersomnia,
  7. People become restless,
  8. Facing difficulty in the performance of physical activities,
  9. Hindrance in speaking,
  10. Inclination towards suicide,
  11. The energy decreases,
  12. A small event makes a male or a female guilty,
  13. Problems in concentration.

What are the resulting consequences of it?

Even after medical science has gone far beyond the imagination of a human being. The doctors have not properly mentioned a specific cause of depression. There are multiple reasons which can lead to it.

  1. The change in climate and weather is a direct cause.
  2. A human cannot prevent what has been passed on him through his forefathers and ancestors in his or her genes.
  3. The psycho-social transformations play an important role.
  4. The fluctuations in the biological levels are also a catalyst.

There are people who are prone to it compared to others. This matter has been highlighted below:

  1. There are people who go through a lot of pain in their lives. Usually, those who are of extremely good nature or of bad nature experience problems in their day to day matters. It includes peer pressure, divorce, financial loss, chronic disease.
  2. The people who possess weak mental strength are likely to become patients of depression.
  3. When the mother or the father of a person has been a patient of it, there is a possibility that their children may get it. Otherwise, at least one of their children may get it.
  4. An injury on the head.
  5. A tragic event in the retrospective especially in childhood.
  6. Consumption of some kinds of drugs (medicines).
  7. Taking drugs and alcohol

How to cure depression?

Depression is a mental sickness that can be cured, but it requires proper focus. It should not be taken for granted.

  1. Providing awareness to family members, the family must be informed about the disease and how to prevent such diseases from growing further,
  2. Informing about the taking of drugs called antidepressants,
  3. Guiding the patient and the people present with the patient about the appropriate therapy also known as Psychotherapy.

What is Psychotherapy?

Moving towards the therapy for the disease of depression is known as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). In the field of medical science, it is also called interpersonal psychotherapy. In small issues of depression, psychologists and psychiatrists opt for psychotherapy for the patients. They are the first and foremost choice for treating them; however, in serious matters different types of treatment along with psychotherapy can be suggested.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal therapy assist the people in symptomizing the issues of emotions in the patients which have an effect on the associations, they are cure for mood disorders.

What are Antidepressants?

They are medicines and drugs obtainable only if they have been prescribed by the psychologists and psychiatrists. Be it a medium level of depression or extreme, antidepressants are suggested for usage. They are not given to small children, there are only a few cases when they are given to the children.

The following types of medicines are recommended for the treatment of depression:

  1. selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRI)
  2. monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)
  3. tricyclic antidepressants
  4. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
  5. atypical antidepressants

All the types of antidepressants are to be considered as neurotransmitter. It is basically a chemical messenger which spreads motions through a chemical synapse, like the neuromuscular junction, that means from one nerve cell to another neuron, and also the muscle cell/gland cell.

If the depression has been cured the medicine should still be continued. It must not be stopped. An organization with the name of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has informed that those children and adolescents who have consumed the antidepressants have received the thoughts pertaining to suicide. If such situations happen then the doctor should be right away informed of it.

What to do in order to help patients?

There are exercises that should be encouraged in order to ease the patients with depression. There are aerobic exercises, such as taking a brisk walk, riding a bicycle, playing tennis assists in curing the medium level of depression. These exercises raise the endorphin levels and better the mood by encouraging the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. There is another therapy called electroconvulsive therapy which stimulates the brain. It is better in extreme cases of depression.

What are the kinds of depression?

There is no single type of depression, but different types. They are classified at different levels and they have different characteristics.

Bipolar depression/Unipolar depression

The common consequence of this kind of depression is the diminishing interest in activities which make the people happy. In the case of a prevailing gloomy mood, it is labeled as unipolar depression. This kind of mental state reflects, both sad parts of life. There is also an existence of normal mood, which is known as bipolar disorder. The word bipolar as the word suggests reflects the prevalence of two moods. One would be the sad part and the other would be the normal kind of mood.

When a patient experiences the unipolar disorder, there are no uncontrollable situations. In fact, in bipolar disorders, the patients live with two kinds of feelings. Their contemporary people face difficulty with it.

Higher-level depression accompanied by psychosis

This situation is accompanied by feeling of psychosis. It relates to wrong perception and not relating to reality. Furthermore, there can be hallucinations as well, meaning that the patient will see things which do not exist in reality.

Postpartum depression

This is a unique kind of depression that is experienced by females. Especially, in case of their newborn baby- it is called baby blues. The postpartum depression or postnatal depression must not be taken for granted.

Higher-level depression accompanied by sporadic events

In medical science, or in the scientific circles it is also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This situation is having a relationship with the minimized daylight in the winter season. This type of depression happens only during this specific season and it remains for the whole year around. This is also related to light therapy. The patients who are based in Russia, Canada or in other countries that experience extreme cold or winter season succumb to this type of depression.

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