Modulo Calculator


Modulo Calculator

If you are studying a topic of statistics or mathematics, it is highly recommended to use a proper online calculator as the tendency of making errors is high. The calculation of modulus is a much related example. It does not involve a lot of steps but the ones students have to complete involve immense concentration. If you have to complete multiple questions of this sort, the challenge of getting the correct answers would be tougher. We can check how the modulo is calculated by going through a simple example. It would give us an understanding of the concept and calculation steps.

Example and calculations

Consider that you need to determine the value of 125 mod 22

  • In the above values, the value of “a” is 125 and “b” is 22.  These values are determined by comparing 125 mod 22 by “a mod b”.
  • Here, the dividend is 125 and divisor is 22. Hence, the following steps have to be calculated.

125 mod 22 = Dividend -  [Int (125 / 22 )*Divisor]

125 mod 22 = 125 – [5*22]

125 mod 22 = 125 – 110

125 mod 33 = 15


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