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How to check Webpage Score

This online website seo checker performs different steps to fully analyze your website. To use this tool enter webpage url in input box and click on the button "check score".

Seo analyzer tool check meta tags in your webpage, fetch all internet and external links in your webpage and confirm that if all of those are ok. It also check all available images in the website and check alt attributes, check headings in your page and review all other factors that helps your website to increase ranking in search engines

What parameters this tool checks:

  1. Check Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3,…)
  2. Check meta tags e-g: meta description, meta keywords, etc
  3. Check robots.txt
  4. Check site map
  5. Check all internal and external urls directly linked to you page and inform you if any of those is broken (broken links Test)
  6. Image Alt attribute test
  7. WWW-Redirection check
  8. HTML Page size and text size check
  9. Keywords density in your webpage
  10. Show the google preview of your current page
  11. G-zip compression check
  12. SEO friendly urls test
  13. Favicon Test
  14. Suggestions to improve your website ranking
  15. Domain and Page authority test
  • 25+ SEO Tests
  • Detailed report
  • No Daily Limit
  • Give suggestions to improve site
  • Loved by webmasters & seo experts
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Ahmad Sattar

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Ar As

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