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Welcome to Softo.org

24 Sep, 2016

Welcome to softo.org , here is the little introduction to our website and services we provide in our site.

Who are we?

We are a team of 6 members including web designer, web developer and content writers. We start this website to provide designers and developer a platform where they can add their tools which can help our online users. Services provided in this website are totally free.

What is our mission

Our mission is to provide free online tools like plagiarism checker, seo score checker, domain authority checker, etc. Also we have created a section for useful online calculators including BMI calculator, Love tester, fractional calculator, conversion calculator, etc. If you want to submit your work in our website you are always welcome and we will appreciate it.

What Technologies used in our website

For designing we have used HTML, CSS and Bootstrap framework and for development we have used PHP 5 and MySQL. Javascript and jQuery is also used to make things easier for users.


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