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Did we save your content?

No we don't, your privacy is our first priority. We have developed this tool in such a way that it automatically delete any sentence / document that used to check plagiarism.

How to check plagiarism

It's a 100% free plagiarism detector and check duplicated content very carefully. To use this free plagiarism software just copy paste in the input box and click on the "Check Plagiarism" button. After that tool will automatically start scanning your content for plagiarism and you will see overall plagiarized percentage within seconds.

How this plagiarism checker works

Once you started, this tool will parse your content into sentences and then it will check each sentence over the search engines. if you exact sentence matched with any webpage or a document it will be highlighted as red and if not plagiarized then this tool marked that sentence as green. In the last it calculates all plagiarized sentences and unique sentence and calculates over all plagiarism score for your content.

Our tool is specially designed for those users who want to check plagiarism free for their work. If you think that our system is not efficient to detect matched content because we are providing plagiarism checker free, then you are wrong. As we try to provide you the best services and we do not compromise on that.

Understand results and avoid plagiarism

This online plagiarism software is designed in such a way that everyone can use this free plagiarism checker. If your content is less then more than 40% plagiarized that means it can harm your SERP; so better correct it before publishing it online. Another solution for lowering your plagiarized content is to you online article re-writer, it also do changes in your text to make your text search engines safe.

There are some benefits of using online re-writer but also has some dis-advantages. Sometimes online re-writers help you to pass plagiarism but those tools also left your content with grammar mistakes. So use those tools which have options to changes words after content is rewritten.

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